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Throat Goat Kim Petras? Know All About Famous Pop Singer

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Throat goat Kim Petras

Kim Petras is a German singer and songwriter. She was born on 27th August 1992. Kim was born in Cologne in Los Angeles. She started making music at an early age and have been popular since then.

Early Life – Kim Petras

Kim’s father is an architect, and her mother is a choreographer and artist. Kim has an older sister who is also a performer. There is no further information available about her parents’ whereabouts.  

It is being said that, at the time of her birth, Kim was given a male gender but when she was 2 years old, her parents started identifying her as a girl. At an age of 13, in the year 2006, Kim appeared on a German news program and talked about her medical gender transition. At an age of 14, Kim Petras also appeared in a documentary and a talk show to speak about the rights of a person to undergo early sex reassignment surgery at the age of 16. It was a hot topic because in Germany, the legal minimum age is 18 years for the same.  Her appearances and talks about gender confirmation surgery for teenagers below 18 years, resulted in international media coverage of her transition, pronouncing her as the “world’s youngest transsexual”. Although, this statement is wrong as gender dysphoria is often diagnosed in childhood and (social) transition by younger children is not uncommon.

Finally, when Kim Petras was 16 years old, she received approval from Dr. Bernd Meyenburg, head of the psychiatric unit at Frankfurt Hospital and underwent gender confirmation surgery. In November,2008, Kim announced that her surgery was successful. At that time, Kim might be one of the youngest people to undergo transgender hormone therapy. Later, as per The Daily Telegraph, Kim underwent gender confirmation surgery at an early age, making her the youngest patient ever.

Right now, Kim Petras’s height is 1.67 m and weight are around 56 kg. Kim is quite tall and likes to maintain a good physique. She has bold features which makes her beautiful.

Musical journey – Kim Petras

Kim Petras started making music during her teen years. In the year 2011, she did her debut with her extended play, One piece of tape.

Later, In the year 2013, Kim got featured in two singles subsequently, by German DJ Klaas, named “Flight to Paris” and “Heartbeat”. During the next few years, Kim also got chance to work with several producers including The Stereotypes and Aaron Joseph released demos on her SoundCloud page as well, including the one titled as “STFU”. In July 2013, Petras was ranked at number 19 for her contributions to social media, on Billboard’s Artist Chart listing developing artists. Later In the year 2015, Petras appeared on “You” by Isaac Phase for his album, Phase 00001.

Between the years 2016 to 2020, under her own imprint, Bun Head records, Kim released songs as an independent artist. In the year 2017, Kim released her first international track “I Don’t Want It at All”. She released it independently and the song became a big hit overnight and ranked up in the various Spotify viral music charts. In the year 2021, she signed a contract with Amigo and Republic Records.

After getting popular in her early days of musical career, Kim Petras released various digital singles, which eventually came to make up her unofficial body of work known as Era 1.

On 28th June 2019, Kim released her self-titled debut album, named as “Clarity”. Prior to releasing her album, Petras herself did a nine-week advertisement of the same by releasing one tune with a lyric video every week.

In the October 2019, second studio album of Kim Petras was released and was named as “Turn Off the Light”. After joining Republic Records in the year 2021, the seven-track EP Slut Pop was published in 2022. In the same year 2022, Petras along with Sam Smith released the track named “Unholy.” Track “Unholy” was Kim’s first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.

Overall, Kim has had a fantastic journey so far and she has also been ranked on the list of most popular Pop Singers. Additionally, She has also been ranked in the elite list of celebrity born in Germany.

Boyfriend/Partner – Kim Petras

As of 2022, Kim Petras is single. Right now, Kim is thirty years old and focused on her career. Although, as per several reports, Kim has had partner in her life in the past years but there are no names associated to her. Even after being famous, Kim likes to maintain privacy in her personal life and therefore not much information about her love life is available on social media. It might be that there is someone special in her life but these are only speculations and has no truth.

Net Worth – Kim Petras

Kim has been quite famous artist and throughout the years, she has released several singles which has been popular amongst her fans. Her music career has helped her to earn a good income. It is said that Kim’s estimated net worth is around $7 Million. Her monthly income is said to be around $45,000.

Apart from her albums, Kim has also other sources of income including her live concerts, brand promotions, and various social media platforms and music platforms like Spotify.

Kim has invested her income in maintaining her luxurious lifestyle and she owns various luxury properties in Germany. Additionally, she also owns a beautiful mansion in one of the most expensive places in Los Angeles.

Social Media – Kim Petras

 Kim Petras is quite active on social media. Her Instagram handle is @kimpetras and she has around 813k followers on Instagram. With more than 700 posts, she keeps on sharing her pictures and videos on Instagram which are liked by her fans. She also promotes her upcoming albums through Instagram videos and pictures.

Additionally, Kim Petras is also active on YouTube and her channel has around 390k subscribers and has shared 104 videos.

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