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The Detox Mono Diet Pros and Cons

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The Detox Mono Diet Pros and Cons

The Detox Mono Diet was recently trending on Google and it got us wondering if it really is worth trying. Marketing practice or true detox ally? We tell you everything about the mono diet.

The Detox Mono Diet Cure: Are The Benefits Myth or Fact?

The mono diet, what is it?

The Mono Diet or the Monotropic Diet is all about eating just one food item or food group for all meals throughout the day.

If you’re someone who suffers from dull skin, especially in this busy world where many of us overindulge in comfort foods and accumulate toxins that deplete our bodies, the result is simple: No nutrition, fatigue, poor sleep, livid complexion and repeated illnesses.

So the solution seems simple: eat a single food at each meal for one to three days, to provide useful nutrients to the body and rest the digestive system. This is still a quick and easier solution for busy folks.

A veritable fad of naturopaths, the mono diet assumes that our body is overworked and cannot eliminate all the waste ingested. It would therefore be necessary to reduce the rate to restart the machine. For example, comedian, magician, and illusionist Penn Jillette credited his 100-pound weight loss in 2016 to only eating potatoes for 2 weeks straight. He then ate only vegetable soup for several months.

As you can see this type of diet doesn’t have a standard definition. Just like Penn Jillette’s weight loss in 2016, others were going crazy for this diet where they could eat just fruit all the time, or just protein all the time.

While this was a super trend, according to Healthline this diet is ranked at a diet score: 0.58 out of 5 as it can be an overly restrictive, unsustainable, and unhealthy diet.

The benefits of the detox mono diet : 

Rebalanced intestinal flora

Speaking of the positive effects of the practice, some say that they have been able to effectively reduce inflammation of the intestine because the intestinal microbiota is very influenced by diet.

We can therefore feel lighter during the detox mono diet, but if we resume our bad habits afterward, it will have been useless.

So if we were to eat something that relates to detoxing like green smoothies, green salads, roasted vegetables, and some protein, then, in that case, our body receives exclusively mineral salts, polyphenols, antioxidants that nourish the body, and prebiotics, nutrients essential to the intestinal flora and which allow it to be rebalanced.

Effects on stress

Lightness and well-being are some of the most immediate effects of the mono diet as we have been suffering from the direct consequence of excessive carbohydrate intake.

For example, eating too much bread involves injecting fructose in large quantities, which makes it possible to produce serotonin, the hormone of happiness, depressed or stressed people can thus feel benefits fairly quickly. That’s why we gravitate towards baked goods like a donut, pizza, chips, popcorn, and other stress-revealing foods which participate in the production of serotonin.

The same goes for sugar! In fact, without knowing it we’ve been doing the mono diet in the wrong way for centuries, eating sugar with every meal these days, thanks to hidden amounts of sugar even in savory dishes.

Sleep improvement

Praised by followers of the mono diet, the quality of their night time sleep seems to have improved as the intestine is better and stronger, which sends positive signals to the brain which facilitate falling asleep.

Health risks and lack of research:

While this was a super trend, according to Healthline this diet is ranked at a diet score: 0.58 out of 5 as it can be an overly restrictive, unsustainable, and unhealthy diet.

Harmless over one or two days, the cure deprives the body of its fuels in the long term, it is therefore strongly advised not to extend it beyond three days. Because we weaken the body by providing it with nothing but carbohydrates. The body will then draw on its muscle reserves, and then you will suffer depletion and suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia and severe nutritional deficiencies.

While naturopaths are full of praise for these cures, doctors are rather hesitant claiming it is absurd to say that our digestive system needs rest, the pancreas, which is the organ most involved in digestion, is only used at 10% of its capacity.

Indeed, the digestive tract does not need to be nourished all the time, but from there to being put to rest, one should not exaggerate. These are theories invented to sell books. For this scientist, mono diets convey the image of miracle solutions that would cleanse the body “as if food were poisoning us”.

Doctors will always remind us that good nutrition is at least five-ten  foods a day. The mono diet opposes the idea of a balanced meal.

Final verdict on the detox mono diet:

The mono diet is far from being the magic formula to overcome a poor diet. Its interest has yet to be demonstrated by researchers –  the mono diet is not based on any evidence.

The draw of the detox mono diet has been to increase weight loss quickly, without having to track your calories or plan your meals in advance. For example, The apple is the fruit most often used, rich in antioxidants and fiber, it also has the advantage of being available all year round. The same thing goes for potatoes. We are careful to choose them organic, so as not to further pollute the body.

The grape mono diet, meanwhile, made a splash in the 1930s, following the publication of the book Cureuvale by Johanna Brandt, a South African nurse who claimed to have overcome stomach cancer thanks to this process. Everything remains to be proven, but she died at the age of 87.

On the other hand, nothing prevents you from eating other things on the first half a day, a day or an evening per week. You do not have to eat only ONE type of food, a person can eat only protein at breakfast, only fruit at lunch, and just vegetables at dinner.  This way you can get a good amount of detox, especially if you choose the main ingredient to be veggies, rather than just bananas or protein.

But doing it repeatedly for the sole purpose of compensating for repeated excesses, we say no. Do not think of this as a long term solution.

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