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How to Use a Butt Plug

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How to Use a Butt Plug

If you are into anal then it’s important for you to understand what butt plugs are and how to use them. The anal hole is not the same as the vagina hole and so, it is important that you do all it takes to make it as flexible as possible. If you’ve never had anal sex and you tried it first with the penis without a lubricant of any form, then you might be having issues with your anal hole. Everybody wants to try something new and that includes anal sex for some persons. There are more than enough stories going around on the internet regarding anal sex and how they have proven to be one of the most enjoyable forms of sex and everyone wants to give it a shot.

On cam sites, if you visit live girls’ cam profiles and you have the opportunity of being on their private cam shows, then you must have seen the anal butt plug in their ass hole. So, irrespective of whether you’ve explored anal sex or you are enthusiastic about trying out anal sex, butt plugs are a must in your toy collection. If you want to understand how to use a butt plug or you don’t even know what a butt plug is, read this content to the end.

What is a butt plug?

It’s as simple as it reads. The butt plug or the anal plug is a kind of sex toy that goes into your anus while you play or engage in other forms of sexual activities. It’s one of the easiest sex toys to use as there is no thrusting in and out of any form. All you need do is to keep them in the anus while it provides stimulation and help to keep the anal hole expanded depending on the size of the plug. The butt plug takes its shape from its name.

So, it basically has the shoe of a bulb where the head is inserted into the anus while the base is suspended outside. The base is flared in shape and this helps to make retrieving the toy easier when it comes off. So, without the base, it’s easier for the plug to get stuck inside the anus and this could be somewhat disastrous. So, while getting a butt plug, ensure you go for the one with a flared base as this would help make inserting and removing easier for you.

How do you use a butt plug?

As explained earlier, the butt plug is one of the easiest sex toys you can use and should have in your sex toys collections. It is such that anybody could pick and use it without any technical know-how. Below are three easy steps to use a butt plug. So, peradventure you have a butt plug with you and you are wondering how to use it, follow these steps closely.

·  Wash and clean up before use:

Don’t get too carried away at the moment that you forget to wash the plug before use. Irrespective of how turned on you might be, you should first take care of your toys and that includes washing them and disinfecting them thoroughly before any use. So, if you have your anal plug with you, before use, you must first, take time to wash and wipe them clean. Doing this will help you disinfect them from any infection or any form. It is worth noting that even when you wash the toys after use, ensure you clean them again before using. It is important that you take your hygiene seriously as this will help you stay clear of any irritation of any form. So, before using the anal plug, ensure you clean them properly.

·  Never use the plug without lube:

One of the differences between the vagina and the anus is self-lubrication. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating, so, you should ensure you take your time to lube your toys before use. Also, it is worth noting that silicone-based lubes are not compatible with silicone-based toys. If you use both together, your toy could become tacky in texture and you don’t want that. Instead, use a water-based lube and you can be sure to get the poop business out of the way.

· Do not forget foreplay:

The reason why you might witness most cam models on live girls’ cams use butt plugs without lubes is that they’ve masturbated and engaged in foreplays before the sessions. While foreplay is important is because it helps you get in the mood. It preps your body for the insertion and helps you keep your anus flexible enough to accommodate the plug

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