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18 Insane Jordan Cameron Facts To See Now!

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Jordan Cameron

Born in Los Angeles Jordan Cameron is a former professional American football player who played in the National Football League (NFL) for a short period. Impressive as a tight end, Cameron was a former tight end for the Cleveland Browns and then signed on to play for the Miami Dolphins. However, before achieving a remarkable record, he retired in 2016, after only five years of playing in the NFL. Since then, he has been living a peaceful and injury-free life with Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, and they were expecting their first child together back in 2020. The whole time the identity of the father was a secret. For more juicy details, keep reading! 

Jordan Cameron: 18 Crazy Interesting Things About The Cleveland Browns Footballer!

1. Jordan Cameron is a former American football player

Jordan Cameron grew up in Los Angeles and due to a natural selection he went onto play football at the University of Southern California. He was drafted in the 4th round by the Cleveland Browns during the 102nd overall in the 2011 NFL Draft. For this very team, Cameron dedicated himself to the role of tight end for four seasons. He then signed with the Miami Dolphins and played two more seasons before retiring in 2017. 

His retirement didn’t shock anybody because the reasons for leaving the game were due to suffering four concussions in six seasons. 

On March 10, 2017, Cameron announced his retirement from the NFL.

2. Jordan Cameron’s ties to the Kardashians

Jordan Cameron is a former professional athlete with ties to the Kardashians – here’s why. 

You may or may not have heard of Jordan’s sister, Brynn Cameron, but she was a star basketball player at USC during her years in college. 

She has a son with former football player Matt Leinart (a Heisman Trophy winner). Jordan’s sister has two more babies with NBA star and Kendall Jenner’s ex, Blake Griffin. The next point is awkward given what is unfolded in the next point.

3. Jordan Cameron was raised as a Mormon

Jordan and his siblings Brynn and Colby were raised Mormons and so it is shocking that they are both baby daddies and baby mamas to different people. Regarding his faith, he told Cleveland.com, “I don’t go to church every week, but I believe in church and values. It’s a big family and I’m a family man. Religion is very important in the service and I try to help out in the community as much as possible.”

4. Early career included basketball

Jordan C graduated from BYU in Provo, Utah after his freshman year of college. There he played basketball.  He transferred to USC as a sophomore after coming to the attention of then-USC head coach Pete Carroll. 

5. Athletics runs in his family

We know that JC’s sister Brynn enjoyed an amazing basketball career at USC, but Jordan’s younger brother Colby is also an athlete who played scouting football at Louisiana Tech. He was unselected in the 2013 NFL Draft, but was signed shortly after by the Carolina Panthers. He was suspended four months later. 

In 2014, younger brother Colby went to Japan to play for Fujitsu Frontiers and was named the  Most Valuable Player in 2016. Also, Denver Broncos safety Su’a Cravens is Cameron’s cousin.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, it’s not just the young generation in the family that has participated in sports. Not to mention that his great-grandfather, his grandfather, and his father had all played professional sports in their prime.

Jordan’s great-grandfather, Archie Jones, was a professional track runner, while his father’s father, Jack Cravens, was a basketball player for the Cougars in Houston. On the same note, Cravens’ father played professional basketball in the late 1970s. 

Keeping up the family tradition, the son of Stan and Cathy Cameron, Jordan, and Jordan’s siblings, Brynn and Colby, also grew up loving sports and later pursued a professional career in it. 

6. Controversial retirement

As we sports fans know, being professional and always on top of the game is always a difficult choice. Yes, professional athletes and wrestlers get paid a lot and get a lot of attention, but many forget that sports athletes are highly prone to injury, sometimes leading to the end of their career. 

The same thing happened with Jordan Cameron, one of the star football players who retired early due to several concussions.

7. Controversial pregnancy

Speaking of Jordan’s personal life, there’s not much except that he’s in a relationship. Even 2 years after the birth of their son in 2020, Cameron is dating Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of famous golfer Tiger Woods.

Swedish model Elin was married to Woods from 2004 to 2010 and had two sons namely; Charli, 11, and Sam, 12. They divorced in 2009.

Since the two had kept their relationship a secret, not many knew about their affair. But looking at the facts, Jordan and Elin probably started dating after Elin’s divorce from Tiger. She officially parted ways with Woods after finding out about her countless affairs.

Other than that, Jordan Cameron with Elin and their children have kept their relationship strict and hidden from the media. Other than that, the couple gave birth to their first child in October 2019. And no, they haven’t been married.

8. How did Elin and Jordan Cameron meet?

After Jordan Cameron moved to Miami to play for the Dolphins, Elin and Jordan were reportedly introduced by friends. The couple have been quietly dating and had yet to go public with their relationship until Nordgren was seen with a baby bundle near her home in Florida. A source told PageSix: “Elin is very private, she has been dating Jordan for a number of years and they have kept their relationship a secret. Her friends are very happy for her because he is wonderful. Elin and Jordan met at Art Basel in Miami a few years ago [Aug], and they are both very happy and excited about the arrival of a new baby.”

9. Jordan Cameron is also a stepfather

Elin, 39, shares two children with Tiger Woods making her child with  Jordan Cameron her third. Elin has two sons, Sam and Charlie, with Tiger Woods.

Cameron, 30, has a 12-year-old son from a previous relationship making the baby boy Arthur born in 2020, Cameron’s second child. 

Cameron has a ten-year-old son named Tristan, from his old relationship. Until now, no one knows who Tristan’s mother is.

10. Jordan Cameron’s girl Elin is Swedish

Elin was born in Stockholm to her mom Barbro Holmberg, a politician who worked as Sweden’s minister of immigration and political asylum, while her father, Thomas, is a radio reporter who worked as the head of Swedish Broadcasting media in Washington. Elin has an older brother and twin sister, Josefin. The blonde star started modeling in 2000, appearing on the cover of Cafe Sport, a summer magazine.

11. Why did Elin and Tiger break up? Was JC involved?

On September 2, 2008, Tiger Woods announced on his website that Elin was expecting a second child at the end of winter. The little boy, named Charlie Axel, was born on February 8, 2009.

On December 2, 2009, following the revelations of his various conquests, Tiger Woods admitted having cheated on his wife Elin Nordegren eleven times. The young woman then left the marital home with her children.

On June 28, 2010, the RadarOnline website announced that the divorce from Tiger Woods was “on track”. On August 23, 2010, the divorce was pronounced before the Bay County Circuit Court of Florida and was announced on the official website of Tiger Woods.

12. Elin faced naked photographs leaks which were not her

Shortly after the relationship between Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods became known, naked photographs of a woman resembling Elin Nordegren and allegedly believed to be her began to circulate on the Internet. Elin Nordegren, whose photographs as a model included photographs in a bikini, strongly denied posing nude. The photographs were in fact those of Kim Hiott, model for Playboy, and were taken from the special edition Nudes of 2000.

Despite this identification and the repeated denials of Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods, the Irish magazine The Dubliner published in September 2006 – shortly before the 2006 Ryder Cup – an article, entitled “Ryder Cup Filth for Ireland”, which included the photographs stripped of Hiott and considered as those of Nordegren. Woods said it was “unacceptable” and her agent, Mark Steinberg, said, “Everyone knew it wasn’t her. It was obvious”. 

Steinberg also said the couple were considering taking legal action against the magazine. The Dubliner apologized and wrote that this publication of the photographs was of the same order as “tabloid publications”.

13. Jordan Cameron’s eldest son is not going pro

After his famous retirement, Cameron expressed that he did not want his 12-year-old Tristan to play football. Speaking to ESPN in 2017, he hoped his son would not follow in his footsteps and understand the danger of the sport early on.

“Let’s be realistic. Soccer is the best sport. I really do. It is the most difficult. You learn more about yourself in football. It is a tough sport. You have to be very comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

He added that Tristan was fine playing high school football, but he didn’t want him to turn pro like he did.

“I know what happens and the blows you receive. Everything beyond the high school level becomes more serious, and it’s not so much fun anymore, I would say, after high school”.

14. Jordan Cameron’s early career in high school, and university was rough:

For his education, Cameron went to Newbury Park High School, where he played football.

After his graduation, Jordan enrolled at the University of Southern California with great difficulty, which is probably why he is so protective of his 12-year-old Tristan. 

Jordan Cameron’s entire family was into sports and even his brother, Colby, was a budding footballer,  so it comes as no shock that Jordan took the sport seriously. With support and determination, a young Jordan made it to his Newbury Park High School football team. Maybe it was his genes, but from the start, Cameron played exceptionally well. 

Thanks to that, as a junior, Cameron reached the first team of the ‘All-Marmonte League’. During his senior year, he made the PrepStar All-West team and the ‘All-Marmonte League’ first team. In his school days, Jordan played wide receiver, scoring 12 touchdowns and catching 73 passes for 1,022 yards.

Despite being approached by many universities, including Harvard, Yale, and USC, Cameron turned down the offer as he also played volleyball and basketball. Since he was more interested in basketball, Cameron joined Brigham Young University to become the varsity team.

However, Utah coach Kyle Wittingham saw Cameron’s potential as a footballer rather than a basketball player and therefore approached his family to persuade him. After speaking with his family and the red-breasted coach of the varsity Cougars, Cameron accepted USC’s offer and transferred to the USC football team immediately.

Following his involvement, Jordan began playing wide receiver, but after credit transfer problems from his old college, he was forced to join Ventura College. Because of it, Jordan missed playing football that year and has to rejoin the next year.

Unfortunately, his return to the USC team was not celebrated as he failed to score sacks. Later, his coach realized Jordan’s potential as a tight end rather than a wide receiver. Thanks to that, in his last season, Cameron caught 16 passes for 126 yards and had a successful touchdown.

15. Jordan Cameron’s body measurements

Since the men in his family were into sports, it didn’t take long for Jordan to follow in their footsteps. Thanks to his dedication and involvement, Jordan is blessed with agility and sharp movements, even though he no longer plays. 

Still one cannot lie that Cameron was also blessed physically. He is 6 feet 5 inches (196 cm) tall and weighs about 265 pounds (120 kg). With years of training and a career in the field, he has a well-built body and developed a good reflex.

16. Jordan Cameron’s age

The former American pro footballer who played tight end for the National Football League (NFL) was born Jordan Cravens Cameron on August 7, 1988, which makes him 33 years old. As for his zodiac sign, his birthday falls under Leo, known for his fierce attitude and personality.

17. What is Jordan Cameron’s net worth?

As of two years ago, professional American NFL player Jordan Cameron had an estimated net worth of 7.7 million. Even though he played for a short time, Cameron played hard and won a good amount of money. After the selection of the NFL Draft, the young Cameron signed a contract with Cleveland Brown worth 2 2.5 million in 2011.

Similarly, his salary was raised to $465,000 from the previous amount of $375,000 in 2012. Not to mention that in 2015, Jordan signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins for 1 15 million, including 1 million as salary.

From the looks of it, Jordan had a brilliant career for him, but sadly it was cut short. However, the former player is living a comfortable life with his family and loved ones.

18. JC’s professional career in the NFL began in 2011, then a sudden retirement

After his impressive season finale and college graduation, Jordan was invited to play in the East-West Sanctuary game, where he impressed coaches from many teams. Even though he wasn’t in high demand, Jordan improved his chances at the NFL combine. At the end of the exercise, Cameron finished in the top three.

Likewise, as expected, in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns selected him as number 102. Over the next two years, Jordan played exceptionally well and in December 2013 he was voted into the Pro Bowl. In early 2015, Jordan moved to the Miami Dolphins and signed a $15 million contract with them. Unfortunately, his career didn’t take off as expected, as he was placed on injured reserve in November shortly after his move. He suffered multiple concussions, a total of four in six seasons, and thus, on March 10, 2017, Jordan Cameron officially retired from the NFL.

Of course, Cameron liked to end his burgeoning football career as soon as he turned 28. He approached the subject with a sincere message.

“If I didn’t have concussions, I’d probably still be playing. It’s one of those things. I can’t risk my mental health in the future. I don’t have any symptoms now, I’m perfectly fine. But they can’t tell me with 100% certainty that if I keep playing and have more concussions, that I’m going to be fine.”

Speaking with ESPN in 2017, Cameron added: “I won’t risk that at all. There is nothing but your health. It’s not worth it to me.”

In addition, he also added how he wanted to avoid having a mental disorder or depression. And she said that she wanted to be there for her family.

Despite his early retirement, in just 66 games, Cameron was able to put together an impressive record; 173 catches for 2,046 yards followed by 14 touchdowns.

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