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10 Life Skills That Schools Don’t Teach Us

by YourDailyHunt.com
10 Life Skills That Schools Don’t Teach Us

A child’s life can be changed forever by a single teacher. Remember your school days? We are sure you had a great teacher or several who you still recall. On a regular day, a child/teenager spends more time in the classroom than at home.

Even though high school is excellent in teaching many valuable skills, our academic curriculum doesn’t teach us some of the most important aspects that as crucial to succeeding and thriving in life. Not everything is about memorizing and logical reasoning. What matters is how we tackle real-life problems as they come to us. 

Many life skills should be taught at home but are not. 

Here are some valuable lessons that are never taught in classrooms. Even though these things were never covered in school, the more we hear about them, the better. 

1. Detecting a scam 

Schools do not educate kids on how to recognize the signs of a con artist, and being fleeced. Realizing when you are dealing with a shady deal comes in very handy in the current time, particularly in an age when so many people can hide behind the changing face of the internet. Educating students on how to recognize a scam will help them advance in life. 

2. How taxes work 

Before they finish high school, several children will start paying taxes. When they buy anything, they already pay taxes on it. When your child has saved up for a big purchase only to discover when he gets to the counter that he will not have enough money to pay the taxes, it’s usually a wake-up call. When we earn money, buy something, or die, we are taxed. It doesn’t stop there. Whereas most Americans recognize this as a fact of life, there are ways to reduce the tax burden, and children should be aware of this. A brief description of the various types of taxes should be included in the curriculum at the very least.

3. Self-defence

Most schools have this as an ‘optional’ activity or don’t have it at all. It is never pleasant to consider, but that does not change the fact that there are a distressingly large number of bad people in the world who could one day threaten you directly for a variety of reasons. To remain healthy, learning the fundamentals of self-defence both verbally and physically, if necessary. Realizing how to defend yourself against the world’s evils will improve your morale, make you feel good, and encourage you to live a good life.

4. Mental health 

Schools will sometimes hold seminars and activity days where different society health members will saunter from class to class, and for the most part, the topic of mental health is left solely to the school’s therapist, if there is one. The majority of today’s youngsters are left in the dark regarding mental health problems, with problems like depression still incompletely understood.

High-quality mental health education is required in every school to help everybody learn about the more disturbing mental conditions. Raging teenage hormones are not like depression, and every school needs to have high-quality mental health education that helps people learn about the more concerning mental health conditions.

5. Balance 

School appropriately pushes you to work hard to improve your grades, and what it does not teach you is how to balance your life so that you can reach high levels of satisfaction in all aspects of your life, from quiet time with family to hard work to fun evenings with your mates. 

To live a happy and healthy life, you must achieve a great sense of balance. By effectively managing your time, one will ensure that the tasks that should come first do so, just not at the cost of anything.

6. Qualifications and material success do not equal happiness 

A good grade will lead to new beginnings. It could lead to a fantastic job or a business venture. Then there are the materialistic accomplishments of a house, vehicle, and the most up-to-date appliances, all of which contribute to your current status. However, these will not get you happiness throughout the long run. Adding the new gadget to your life just since you have money and the market tells you how essential it does not mean you are investing in a happy life! It is all just a fleeting joy. Learn to tell the difference between satisfaction and enjoyment. Invest in experiences, count your blessings, and make time for your loved ones if you want happiness to last.

7. Negotiation 

There is not a lot of space for negotiation in most classes. Every attempt by a student to negotiate is met with the teacher’s raised eyebrows and pointing fingers towards the door, only if the teacher is having a pretty good day and agrees to meet children midway in terms of the deadlines for that specific lesson may be. It is a shame because when you reach the great, terrible world of adulthood, you’ll need to be able to compromise to get yourself out of some pretty tough situations. Negotiation techniques are especially useful in the business world, and educating students on how to learn this ability at a young age can have a variety of long-term benefits.

8. Forgiveness 

It can be difficult to forgive someone who has disappointed you. It’s much harder to believe it. Learning to get over silly stuff and move forward with your life is something that may be addressed in individual therapy sessions with people who got themselves into difficult circumstances, however, forgiveness is not taught in schools around the world. It’s a method that takes time and needs patience. It helps you appreciate other people by making you a more effective person in life by putting you in their shoes.

9. Emergencies and first-aid 

Simple first aid should be taught in every school at regular intervals to students of all ages. Science is constantly discovering new ways of treating people medically, and that some of the old breathing aid methods you saw on TV as a kid are now considered obsolete and even harmful. Repeated, up-to-date emergency response and first aid training in schools will go a long way toward assisting anyone in the future if a critical situation arises. Till then, we can attend online courses and get First Aid and CPR certified.

10. Politics and rivalry are unavoidable 

The secret to success is a combination of talent and hard work! However, keep in mind that you must be open to fair competition and politics. After all, you must realize that everyone has a right to fight for survival, but only the fittest of all survive. The Darwinian principle is applicable at all stages of life! Don’t be discouraged if you’re not good at politics because someone else did well because of the politics. The sooner you realize how important it is to be at peace with all these, the better! One cannot lose peace of mind since the other person used emotions like betrayal, cheating, hate, and so on as a survival tactic.

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