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Jessie Flower- The Voice of Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Michaela Murphy (born on August 18, 1994), also known by her stage name Jessie Flower, is a twenty-six-year-old American voice actress probably most famous for portraying Toph Beifong in Nickelodeon’s animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. She eventually appeared in an episode of The Legend of Korra as a young Suyin Beifong. She is also popular for her role in Finding Nemo, co-starring Alexander Gould.  

Early life 

Jessie’s wish was to appear in a commercial when she was five years old. Her mother agreed that getting Jessie interested in the local theatre would be the perfect way to test the waters. Jessie was bitten by the show business bug at the age of five when she debuted in the play “Oliver”. She has appeared in several advertisements since then, including Barbie and Mitsubishi. Her most recent ad was for Chrysler. 


Jessie is a gifted singer. She places a high value on education and is an honorable recipient. Reading, painting, horses, dance, music, and hanging out with friends are some of her favorite times. 

The start of Jessie’s career

Jessie started auditioning for voice-over parts at the age of seven, and her career has been highly fruitful and thrilling. Jessie’s voice is heard in commercials, television shows, as well as films. “Finding Nemo,” “Spider-Man 2,” “Son of the Mask,” and “The Bad News Bears” are only a few of the films she has voiced. She has also been a voice artist for McDonald’s, In and Out Burger, and several other brands.

“Since you do not have your body or your facial expressions to support you, it almost involves more acting than being on-screen as you will have to emote every purpose, each subtext hint solely through your speech”, says Jessie in an interview with the Illini Union Board. She also mentioned that she is used to engaging with kid sounds and energy that she is having a hard time moving into adult energy. 

Jessie has also provided the voices for several well-known cartoon characters in the Disney animated comedy shows “Kronk’s New Groove” and “The Emperor’s New School,” where she plays Chaca. Also, one of her most popular roles was the voice of youthful Franny, the little girl with the frogs, in the animated feature movie “Meet the Robinsons.”

Jessie in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Jessie Flower voiced the main character “Toph” on Avatar: The Last Airbender. She was around 12 when she first landed on this role and had previously done a voice on the show for one episode when she was 11. Later, the team called her back for Toph because they liked her energy. She liked Olivia Hack’s portrayal of Ty Lee, Dante’s portrayal of Zuko, even Jack’s portrayal of Sokka. The final episode was great and her most loved, she says, as they wanted to have as many people in the house as possible at the end so there would be a certain kind of energy throughout the recording booth. 

Other phases to Jessie’s Career

Jessie has also appeared on stage as well as in tv shows like “General Hospital,” “Strong Medicine,” and “See Me in St. Louis”. She performs in group shows during the year with the singing and dancing troupe “Kids on Stage for A Better World.”

How her path towards becoming a cardiovascular surgeon led her to pursue a career in voice acting?

She wanted to go out into the city, living and contributing to society. When her grandparents needed quadruple bypass surgery while she was seven, the thought of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon struck her. However, eventually, she realized that it is not an easy game and the education would take the next twelve to thirteen years of her life.

Thereafter, she enrolled in a screenwriting course since this sounded intriguing, and it turned out to be her favorite part of the program, prompting her to pursue a screenwriting and movie concentration. 

The thing that she learned in her screenwriting experience

She understood the importance of having the necessary dialogue. Undoubtedly, you need to continue a dialogue in the scene, so she has read a lot of scripts in her life, and after a while, you start wondering what the characters are doing. The dialogue is a gem which she had been working on, massaging and taking notes on, so irrespective of what you want to write or how you want to write, unless you are making a silent film, the dialogue is what could take you through. 

Jessie’s growing popularity

Nobody has any idea who she is. The public praised her cosplay as she walked around in her Toph outfit at the San Diego Comic-Con. Being such a voice actor has its advantages in that no one knows who you are or even what you look like. That is changing, but it is great since you can finally put a face to the voices thanks to social media.

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