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10 Hangover Cures That Are Backed by Science

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10 Hangover Cures That Are Backed by Science

Weekends are all we have to let loose and get all the work stress off our shoulders. However, feeling sick the morning after is never a pretty sight. While there are numerous old wives’ tales for treating a hangover, they are not always effective. We don’t know how to stop hangovers or why they occur, but if you’re suffering from one, there is a list of few science-based cures that we have compiled for you, which may help you feel better.

1. Water

To begin with, pour a big glass of water for yourself. Since liquor inhibits the release of the hormone vasopressin, which reduces the amount of urine generated by your kidneys, consuming alcohol usually results in a lot of urination. You’ll feel much more dehydrated if the hangover signs include excessive sweating or vomiting. According to research, drinking water with alcohol results in much less serious hangovers the next day. However, if you skipped the water last night, drinking water the next morning is the greatest way to start lessening the symptoms of a hangover.

2. Good breakfast 

Although it may be difficult to keep food down while hungover, it is among the most effective hangover remedies. Regulating your sugar levels will assist you in overcoming your hangover, so carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread or pretzels are highly recommended. Follow that with some bananas, maybe in the form of a milkshake, to make it go down easier. And, of course, you’ll require some proteins.

We recommend a messy, oily cheat day burger filled with bacon, cheese, and, if possible, a hash brown. Excessive alcohol intake can impair your body’s normal chemical balance, resulting in metabolic acidosis. Eating a nutritious breakfast that is high in both nutritious protein and fibrous carbohydrates will help keep your blood sugar levels stable while also supplying valuable vitamins and minerals to alleviate hangover symptoms. 

3. A good amount of sleep 

After a long night of trying every drink on the menu, you ought to sleep in. Sleep deprivation will worsen your hangover, increasing exhaustion and irritability. This implies that having a decent night’s sleep after a night of partying will help to reduce the intensity of the hangover. Surprisingly, while sleep may not inherently cure your hangover, a lack of it will greatly exacerbate your condition. Hangover signs such as fatigue, headache, and moodiness are worsened by a lack of sleep.

4. Asian Pear Juice 

Do you have a few extra Asian pears lying around? Before your next night out, put them into your juicer. As per the experts at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, only 7.4 ounces of Asian pear juice will help alleviate the effects of a hangover. According to the researchers, the juice combines with enzymes that break down alcohol, causing your metabolism to ramp up and leaving less extra alcohol for your body to consume. There’s just one catch: for it to function properly, the juice must be consumed on an empty stomach.

P.S- Please accept my apologies if you are reading this through heavy-duty specs.

5. Pedialyte 

Dehydration is just one of the numerous ways alcohol can make you feel weaker the next day, even if it isn’t the main cause of your hangover. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes you to urinate a lot more than you normally would. You can expect to wake up lethargic, sore, and not feeling your finest if your fluids are drained when you go to sleep. Dehydration can be treated with water, but in more serious cases, Pedialyte can be used. This drink was created to rehydrate children suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea, but it’s now also sold as a hangover cure for adults. It may not cure your hangover, but it might help you feel better.

6. Anti-inflammatory drugs 

If the first thing that comes to mind when you’re hungover is to look for a bottle of aspirin, you’re on the correct path. These pills are great for hangovers besides relieving headaches and muscle pain – they may be able to directly counteract the inflammatory impacts of alcohol. Tylenol, on the other hand, is an over-the-counter pain reliever that you should never take while or after alcohol consumption. Any medicine that contains acetaminophen can worsen the liver’s recovery.

7. Sprite 

If you’re searching for something to help you heal from a hangover, avoid the Bloody Mary. A group of Chinese scientists discovered that Xue bi, the Chinese equivalent of Sprite, is the perfect drink for combating the after-effects of alcohol. Sprite outperformed the other 57 beverages tested in terms of assisting enzymes in the degradation of acetaldehyde, the metabolized variant of ethanol responsible for some of the worst hangover symptoms. 

8. Avoid Caffeine

If you think that caffeine would provide you with the necessary energy boost, you might be mistaken. Caffeine will leave you feeling even more dehydrated, which is a bad way to get rid of a hangover. If you can’t do without your morning coffee, replace it with water, cup for cup, to combat caffeine’s dehydrating abilities. Alternatively, for a more nutritious energy boost, try a banana. Although caffeine will boost your energy slightly, you will crash fast. Caffeine constricts your blood vessels and raises your blood pressure, so drinking coffee right after waking up can result in a severe caffeine-withdrawal headache on top of your hangover. 

9. Work out

As irritating as it might sound, workouts are quite effective in overcoming a hangover. Sure, going to the gym and pumping iron is the last thing you want to do when you’re suffering from a massive hangover, but it might be the key to taming the thumping headache. Even if you don’t work out while you’re in good health, doing so while you’re hungover will boost your metabolism and help your body recover quicker. Don’t think you need to break a sweat; a quick stroll in the sun and fresh air will do miracles for your hangover and mood.

10. Avoid drinking dark spirits

This hangover treatment is more useful to know before the hangover occurs. And it’s almost as good as asking you to drink less. However, it is important to understand why dark spirits, such as bourbon, tequila, and whiskey, are more likely to trigger a hangover than light spirits, such as gin, vodka, and rum.

Harmful chemical by-products known as congeners are produced during the production of alcohol, with a higher concentration of these congeners contained in dark spirits. These irritants will make your hangover more frequent and serious and will slow down your body’s absorption of the alcohol, resulting in a long hangover. Remember this the next time you order from the bar.

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