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Ryderwear-Looking For Gym Clothing? Check Below !!

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Ryderwear-All you need to know about Gym Clothing

Fitness Clothing

It’s a latest trend which most of the Gym person are following where we combine the healthy lifestyle and Physical activities like Gym workout or strength building exercise with the interest of Fitness fashion and Sportswear.


Ryderwear is a renowned Australian fitness brand involved in manufacturing and retailer business for apparel and accessories for gym, sports, and fitness industry. It’s headquartered in South Australia. There specialization is in functional clothing that is worn at Gym. In 2009 bodybuilder David Lukic and owner of Ryderwear opened its first gym and bricks-and-mortar store in Adelaide. Prior to that, Ryderwear products have been sold through distributors and online mode only.                       

History of Ryderwear

It’s very important to know the history of Ryderwear because this is where it all started. It started when just 18 years old, David Lukic was transforming his body to become a professional bodybuilder he noticed the gap in fitness clothing and his love towards the fit lifestyle stirred the beginnings of Ryderwear. David noticed that he cannot find the apparel specially designed for his body at the gym and, he can’t find the pair of shoes which are built to assist him in deadlifts and similar type of exercise. David Lukic took this gap in fitness industry as an inspiration and opportunity to develop fitness clothing apparels and accessories which can fit to gym lovers as per their need. From there on David & Natalie (his wife now) invested their whole time in building the foundation of Ryderwear.

Ryderwear Expansion

Ryderwear Brand which started with developing a range of apparel and accessories designed to mould the athletes’ bodies rather than hanging and keeping loose, as this was the demand and style of the time. After the launch of its signature D-Mak lifting shoe, Ryderwear gained a cult following in very less span of time among weightlifters and bodybuilders in the United States. Ryderwear is working in collaboration with 500+ influencers across social media platforms likes Instagram, Snapchat. In 2020 Ryderwear also launched its first workout app, PUSHH.

Ryderwear Products

Ryderwear has products for everyone- Whether you are a hardcore bodybuilder, Serious athlete or just a funky street guys who want to look best. Ryderwear caters a wide range of products in both Men and Women Section. Products from Ryderwear are created using new technology fabrics which ensure comfort during physical activity, as it draws moisture away from the skin and keep you dry during workout. Let’s have a quick look on some of products of Ryderwear:

Men Category:  All Men Gym Wear, Stringers and Singlets, Sweaters and Hoodies, Jackets and Shorts, Gym Pants and many more.

Women Category: All Women Gym Wear, Leggings, Scrunch Bum, Honeycomb, Sports bras and Shorts, Jackets and Jumpers, Swimwear, Cropped Tanks and Tops,

Shoe Category:  Men and Women Gym Shoes, Trainer Shoes, and Weightlifting Shoes and Socks.

Accessories:  All Gym related Accessories, Bottles and Shakers, Weightlifting gloves, and Resistance bands. Gym Bags etc.


So, for all ATHLETES AND BODYBUILDERS and GYM JUNKIES that are looking for the apparels which can best compliment their body and want to feel comfortable and relax while working out in Gym, Ryderwear is one stop shop for them. Ryderwear has become the trademark for fitness plus fashion.

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