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Paige Butcher: 12 Tell-All Facts About The Mother Of Eddie Murphy’s Kids!

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Paige Butcher

There’s no question that legendary comedian Eddie Murphy is the man to marry and no one knows that better than his fiancée, Paige Butcher. 

Relatively unknown to the general public, the actress Paige Butcher became known after her relationship with the American actor Eddie Murphy. Before becoming the “wife of” the former Beverly Hills Cop, Paige had a passion for cinema and had every intention of fulfilling her dream: to become an actress. She achieved this in 2003 by landing a small role in the romantic comedy Anything Can Happen with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Three years later, she joined the cast of the comedy Big Momma 2. Her dreamy figure also attracted an agency to put her in Maxim The Real Swimsuit DVD vol. 2 in 2005. While she does her best to live under the radar, we do know these 12 things about Murphy’s better half. 

Paige Butcher: 12 Juicy Details About Eddie Murphy’s Partner!

1. At 60 years old, Eddie Murphy is a father of 10, Paige Butcher gave him the last two children: 

The couple have a daughter Izzy Oona Murphy, born May 3, 2016 in Los Angeles.

Although they were not married or engaged, the couple welcomed their little Izzy Oona 5 years ago. The Australian bombshell and the American actor were seen in the streets of West Hollywood with their child. Very discreet about their private life, the couple did not wish to comment on the arrival of this baby. 

In 2018, with their second child named Max Charles Murphy, Eddy Murphy dove back into diapers for the… tenth time!

2. Paige Butcher and Eddie have been together since 2012, they met on the set of a movie: 

The pair first met while working together on the set of House of Big Momma 2 in 2006. 

However, they didn’t start dating until six years later in 2012, according to the Daily Mail. 

Despite their 19-year age difference, the two actors appear to be blissfully in love and have since welcomed their two children together – daughter Izzy and son Max – making a total of 10 children for the Coming 2 America star. 

3. Paige Butcher is Australian and came to America with a dream: 

In 2012, Paige Butcher’s relationship with actor Eddie Murphy made her gain fame. 

Originally from Australia, Paige Butcher was born as Jacinta Paige Butcher on October 6, 1979 in Perth.

She is one of two daughters of her parents: Robert Butcher, a popular Australian model, and a mother, whose name is not known.

After graduating from Santa Maria Catholic College, she dreamt of becoming an actress since adolescence. One day, she decides to fly to the United States to try her luck.

At first, her pretty face allowed her to get into modeling, obtaining contracts for magazines like Vanity Fair or Maxim.

4. She had good practice too, as she was a child model:

Revealing she started modeling when she was 7-8, she told Vanity Fair, “My mother was a fashion designer and my father was a model. So I was modeling for my mom’s business, and everyone said, “You should be a model. So when I was 13, I started to really take it more seriously. ” 

From her debut in the industry, Butcher won the 1994 Cover Girl Cosmetics Supermodel Search award before signing a contract with IMG models and living her dreams in New York.

5. Body measurements:

Paige Butcher, who is known to have a banging body and beautiful face is measured at a height of 1.65m and weighs around 58kg. Her body is further said to be 35-24-25 inches across chest, waist, and hips, respectively. She also has a bra size 33B and a shoe size 6 (US). The light brown hair color and blonde eyes are other notable features of the model.

6. Acting career:

Soon, she pursues her dream of acting and skims the castings. In 2003, she got her first small role in the romantic comedy  Anything Can Happen with Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves. In 2006, she was part of the cast of the movie Big Mamma 2.

Following her appearance in Big Momma’s House 2, Paige Butcher was not able to get another acting role. Since then she has completely turned her attention to modeling where she has achieved a certain level of success.

7. Believe it or not, she wasn’t interested in Eddie Murphy’s celebrity status: 

Paige Butcher hung up her acting hat when she moved to LA telling Vanity Fair that acting was “not really” something she cared to pursue seriously. 

“I moved to L.A. mainly for the lifestyle,” she explained. “Living in New York after 14 years, I’m such an outdoors kind of person.” In addition to embracing nature, she also focused on modelling and giving back to those in need (more on that later). 

According to a source who spoke with Us Weekly, it was Murphy who “pursued her” in 2012 because he was attracted to her down-to-earth personality, not her beauty. 

As a certain insider noted, the Australian native “loves sports, too, and likes to go to basketball games.”

8. Paige Butcher erased her online presence one year after dating her famous man:

In 2013, Butcher showed the world, Mark Zuckerberg, and tabloids just how disinterested she was in fame and the Hollywood lifestyle when she deleted all of her social media accounts.

According to her interview with Vanity Fair, the Aussie model pulled the plug on her online presence one year after dating Murphy in order to keep their private life private. “I’m in a relationship with a celebrity, so I felt like there’s already enough of me out there. I felt like I was giving out too much information,” she explained. “I was giving people too much access. I like to keep as much private as possible now,” she continued.

“As you say, people will use anything against you. The more you put out, the more you get back. I just wasn’t using it. And I was really boring. I would just post my volunteer work”, she stated as well. 

9. Butcher is passionate about volunteering:

“I’ve always wanted to do charity. I am a nurturer and love to take care of people, ”she said. Vanity Fair in 2013. 

“Living in New York, I found New York Cares, so that connected me, and I originally would run sessions with KEEN, Kids Enjoy Exercise Now, for children with physical and mental disabilities — a sports program,” she revealed. “I started with that and then nursing homes.”

After shifting to Los Angeles, the model discovered new initiatives she could help with. 

“Here [in L.A.] I volunteer at homeless shelters,” she stated to VF. 

“I look after the children while the parents go through counseling. The recent one I’m on every week is called Baby to Baby, which is a nonprofit for women that have children and are living below the poverty line, so the charity sends care packages with toys, things for the kids, diapers, strollers, and stuff. So I go there and help them out,” she continued.

I also refurbish wheelchairs for Wheels for Humanity. They get donations of old wheelchairs that are broken, and we change the tires out, clean them, and put new seats in, and then they send them to third-world countries.

10. Eddie Murphy shares the same passion for volunteering too:

With all these kids at home, she definitely chose the right man for her because besides his professional life, Eddie Murphy actively gives back to society as well. 

The Coming 2 America actor has supported a wide array of charities and causes, he even returned to stand-up in 2020 to help raise money for Feeding America. 

He has also helped organizations from The HollyRod Foundation to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. 

11. Net worth:

Several sources have estimated that Paige’s net worth is $780,000. The beautiful Australian managed to bank herself with her career on the podium, as she was only able to land small acting roles during her very short career. Her net worth is expected to grow in the coming years as her modeling career and Eddie’s career continues to flourish.

12. Paige Butcher is a stepmother to Eddie Murphy’s other 8 kids:

Before she was in a relationship with actor Eddie Murphy, the latter separated from his ex-wife Nicole 6 years earlier and from his partner Mélanie Brown in 2007. He finds love again with Paige. The young woman fits in rather well with the family made up of the actor’s 8 children.

The actor was married for the first time to model Nicole Mitchell with whom he had five children: Briana, Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella. Soon came Eric (born from his relationship with Paulette McNeely), Christian (born from his relationship with Tamara Hood), and of course his daughter Angel (born from his relationship with singer Mel B).

While Paige Butcher can proudly say that she made a name before being linked to legendary American comedian Eddie Murphy, the Aussie beauty is certainly keen on their relationship, her volunteering endeavors, and of course being a mother. 

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