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Nostalgic Movies: Return To The Past With These Recent Movies!

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Nostalgic Movies

You know how you watch a movie based on history and it feels so nostalgic? Well, this article lists out some nostalgic movies that are modern but make you feel like you’re in another era. For example, if you watch the tv series Stranger Things you’re immediately pointing out the 80s equipment and feeling nostalgic about your childhood. Or maybe you were born sometime in the late 90s and you feel nostalgic when you watch Gilmore Girls or movies with a flip phone. Similarly, we wanted to cover these specific nostalgic movies that embrace the past and deliver all things vintage. The only difference is that they are not that old. Let’s begin.

13 Nostalgic Movies Made In The 21st Century

1. Ready Player One

Like OASIS creator James Hallyday and Steven Spielberg himself, all players who compete virtually to claim the ultimate easter egg swear by the ’80s, even if they were born around 2030. In Ready Player One, we listen to Duran Duran or Depeche Mode, we play on an Atari console and we drive in the DeLorean. While this is one of those nostalgic movies made in the future, its story is towards the past that we will prefer to return to.

2. Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood

What songs were playing on KHJ Radio in Los Angeles on February 9, 1969? How many takes did the filming of the Lancer western series pilot take? In which rooms could we see The Wrecking Crew, the last Sharon Tate? By piling up endless questions that he alone is asking himself, Quentin Tarantino tries to slow down the course of time and ensure that the sixties never stop. Behind the theoretical monument, the spectacular artistic reinvention of a filmmaker who sometimes got lost in the autoparody, and whom we love again madly.

3. Super 8

A true declaration of love for the films which rocked the young spectators of the 80s, JJ Abrams’ third feature film may be released in 2011, but it instantly plunges its audience 30 years earlier, in the company of a bunch of kids who seem to be stealing the bikes from the Goonies. Like  Spielberg and his friends in their teenage years, the kids of  Super 8 have only one idea in mind: to make movies.

4. Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Even if the first episode of the original trilogy was released in 1977, the Star Wars phenomenon really took off in the 80s. In 2015, it was again JJ Abrams who summoned the magic of the good old days to sign a real comeback at the source of the saga, even on its film set, where models and cardboard creatures emerge from the cupboard to temper the green backgrounds. At the same time as the Force, a whole generation of nostalgics awakens to make Episode VII the third greatest success of all time.

5. Ghostbusters

“Who you gonna call? Ghosbusters!” Even 32 years after the original film, when batting spirits come to terrorize the city, we do not hesitate to call on the Ghostbusters, their famous car and their Proton Packs, the scent of which should ESPECIALLY not be crossed. In 2016, Ray Parker’s cult song resonated again in theaters, to punctuate the adventures of a new exclusively female team. Now that’s how you renovate a nostalgic movie! 

6. Tron Legacy

What happened to Kevin Flynn 30 after his virtual trip to the MCP. Like an explorer from a bygone era, his son Sam plunges – via a good old arcade room – into the futuristic universe that had thrilled the public in 1982. Very respectful of the cyber universe that had set up the original film, this sequel nevertheless takes the opportunity to give a little new life to its famous motorcycles, and to offer Daft Punk his first soundtrack.

7. Mad Max: Fury Road

35 years after roaring the engine of his Interceptor in the cult trilogy of the 80s, Mad Max is back on the dusty roads of post-apocalyptic Australia to the delight of his fans. Even if the desperado now sports the face of Tom Hardy, he has lost neither his charisma nor his bravery. As for the director George Miller, at the age of 70, he now masters to perfection his indomitable heap of scrap metal, and happily makes him pass the fifth without stealing his soul.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Quill is also a child of the 80s! Even though he was kidnapped by aliens at a young age and has never seen Earth since, his ship – which has nothing to envy Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon – is a veritable vintage museum. The stickers stuck on the wall, the name of the device (the Milano, in reference to Alyssa , her childhood crush in Madame ), and of course the audio cassette “Awesome Music Mix Vol. 1”, stuffed with 80s hits bring back nostalgic wonder. In short, in case you doubted it, Star-Lord is one of the best family friendly nostalgic movies ever. 

9. It

While the young heroes of the miniseries released in 1990 tried to escape the clutches of the terrible Pennywise in the 60s, the work of  Stephen King is found transposed in the 80s for its new adaptation to the cinema. Kids, bikes, and the supernatural. Why change a formula that continues to prove its worth?

10. La La Land 

Lauded, sometimes mocked, for its sweet and nostalgic virtues, this sung story also made the observation of an era in the form of a mirage, where two ambitious young hipsters struggled and lovers (in that order). What if none of this really exists? Neither the colors of their romance, nor the picturesque of their city, and even less the little music that lulls their emotions. From the opening with fanfare to its false happy ending, from its feel good reception to its Oscar withdrawn from the hands of its producers, La La Land is a nostalgic movie that shows you how the fairy tale movies of the past caught up with the reality of today’s open and accepting culture. If you’re in a mood to debate nostalgic mindsets, this is one you need to watch. 

11. The Wolf Of Wall Street

In a decade marked by his work as a peaceful old sage (Hugo Cabret, Silence, The Irishman, his doc on George Harrison), this incredible facelift for Martin Scorsese: a Cartoon and degenerate reinterpretation of Freedoms, with Wall Street in the role of the mafia, but without code of honor, nor redemption on arrival. A punk addressed to a world considered obscene, coupled with the self-portrait of a kamikaze artist torn for a long time between puritanism and lust. This is one of the best films of the 21st century according to Paolo Sorrentino.

12. The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn 

This is one of the most spectacular nostalgic movies of the last decade as Spielberg simply proposed to forget the “weight” of the camera via the virtues of motion capture, and imagined a supersonic adventure film propelled by its visual energy alone. Neither live nor animation, this exhilarating experience remains the best hypothesis formulated to adapt the comic language to that of a cinema screen. 

13. The Tree Of Life

Before, he had only made four feature films in forty years. Since then, he’s released one every two years. The Tree of Life is the film that splits Terrence Malick’s career in two, or rather shatters it, a monument totaling (the creation of the world, the cosmos, the afterlife and a few moments of eternity lived by three kids in the Texas of the 50s), his 2001 to him, brilliant and awkward, sublime and “borderline”, grandiose and rickety. Before, Malick was deified, worshiped, untouchable. Since then, it has been messy, contested, inexhaustible. With The Tree of Life, he came back to life again.

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