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Which is the Most Expensive CS: GO Skin in the World?

by YourDailyHunt.com

Anybody who plays CS: GO regularly, knows the value of skins. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, a lot of CS players also claim that certain skins make them perform better. Now whether that claim is true or not, is up for debate. However, we do know that they definitely look very cool. A lot of people attach equal importance to getting skins and getting kills. Having a cool, rare skin also makes players stand out from others during games. Kicking ass and taking sclps while looking cool is something any CS player would enjoy. In this post, we will look at some of the rarest and most expensive CS: GO skins that are available for players today.  A Lot of these skins are sold for astronomical prices as well. A skin’s price depends on multiple factors like if it’s in souvenir condition, or does it possess StatTrak? The condition of the skin is also very important. They can vary from factory new to battle scarred. Let’s get started.

The Most Expensive CS:GO Skins

StatTrak M4A4 Howl, Factory New – $8000

This fantastic M4A4 skin has a storied history. There was a scandal around the skins ensign and the appearance changed drastically because of that. When skins were still new in the world of CS:GO, a user committed art theft in his quest to jump on the hype train. The design became a fan favourite and many people wanted it. However, the original artist discovered it and filed a copyright infringement lawsuit. The great design, combined with the interesting history has made this skin highly desirable. 

StatTrak AK-47 Fire Serpent, Factory New – $8255

While this is definitely one of the most expensive CS:GO skins out there, it isn’t as flashy as what people have become used to. However, what it lacks in outlandish design, it makes up for that by being extremely rare. This skin comes from a case that was quite limited at the time due to it being expensive. The fact that it was a covert item, makes it even rarer. Add all that up with a vintage of 8 years and you get a rare skin which is highly desirable and at $8255, quite expensive.

StatTrak Karambit Crimson Web, Factory New – $9000

This expensive CS: GO skin was launched with the M9 Bayonet.  The Karambit comes with beautiful red colouring ad a web design that makes it almost as enticing as any other skin out there. The curve in the blade makes it seem even more outlandish. It lacks the rigidity of the M( Bayonet and is similarly priced today. At $9,000, it is just slightly cheaper than the Bayonet but just as desirable.

StatTrak M9 Bayonet Crimson Web, Factory New – $9300

The marvellous M9 Bayonet is another beautiful, and painfully expensive CS: GO skin. Its Crimson Web colouring and pristine status make it highly desirable. This skin was launched in August 2013 as a part of the Arms Deal update. The skin’s design was a mega hit and the beautiful red colour became very popular. Over the years, its price has risen to a staggering $9300 because of the beautiful design, rarity and vintage.

Souvenir Dragon Lore, Factory New – $26,000

This is definitely the most expensive CS: GO skin of all time. The Souvenir Dragon Lore AWP in Factory New condition is easily the most famous CS: GO skin of all time. However, this skin’s price is a scarcely believable $26,000. Basically the cost of an entry level German luxury sedan. Keep in mind that the odds of this skin dropping are astronomically low. They clock in at around 0.0004% or 1 in 250,000. This incredible rarity, combined with the stunning design, makes this skin extremely valuable.

So these were some of the most expensive CS: GO skins available today. If you CS: GO a lot and have a lot of money lying around, perhaps you should try buying some of these skins. Or you can try your luck and get the elusive Dragon Lore AWP. May you get the skin of your choice on CS: GO and look super cool while eradicating your enemies.

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