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4 LGBTQ+ Trends Dominating the Community

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Trends do come and go, and then you might see them come around again a few years later. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing landscape, particularly in a world seemingly dominated by social media, where people share their opinions every second. It can get overwhelming at times, but getting involved in certain trends can also be exciting and educational, too. Some popular topics within the LGBTQ+ community currently are as follows. How many of them pique your interest?

1.    Travel

After facing global lockdowns in recent years, travel has become a popular trend for everyone, not just the LGBTQ+ community. However, more queer couples and individuals alike are looking for their next great escape. As if the pandemic taught us anything, it’s to live life to the fullest! Experiencing new places and cultures can be a great way to learn about others and yourself and produce cherished memories and stunning photos for your Insta stories. If you want to do globe-trotting this year, here are some of the best LGBTQ+-friendly destinations.

2.    Sexual Exploration and Expression

Making sure that your sexual needs and your partner’s needs are met is important in any relationship, both committed and casual. However, not everyone has had the confidence to voice what they want, or perhaps even to take the time to figure out what those needs are. Sex positivity has been on the rise in recent years, and it is still a hot topic to date. If you think your relationship could use spicing up, or you even want to treat yourself to a few new toys, why not browse Wet For Her’s range of lesbian sex toys, or find similar products that suit your queer relationship?

3.    Inclusivity

The LGBTQ+ community is no stranger to struggles when it comes to being accepted and treated equally, and this is a fight that continues even in 2022. While things might have come a long way since the last century, there are still important issues to discuss regarding how the community is treated by society generally and how inclusivity can be improved within the community itself. This includes racial inequality, trans rights, and non-binary recognition and understanding.

4.    Activism

While inclusivity is a hot and important topic, actively engaging in these issues and raising awareness is another trend that is gaining momentum within the community. Again, historically this has been a calling for many LGBTQ+ individuals, but getting involved in activism does mean more than attending protests. Establishing or working for/alongside organizations focused on issues that are important to you, whether these are directly linked to the LGBTQ+ community or beyond, is another commitment. It is something that a lot of young and more mature members of the community are getting involved with today, and it’s a very inspiring and incredible thing to witness.

Other interesting things are happening with the community right now, and who knows what will come next, but no doubt they will continue to create a new conversation and inspire generations to live their best lives, too.

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