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What Does Poggers Mean? A Quick Explanation!

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What Does Poggers Mean

When a strange word called Poggers lands on your screen you might first think: what does Poggers mean? You might assume that you’re witnessing yet another “meme”. But there are a handful of uses of this expression through some weird meme-ry from the heart of Twitch-streaming. 

What Does Poggers Mean? A 2 Min Read!

What Does Poggers mean?

The word “Poggers” refers to a sense of excitement during a game when something exciting occurs and perhaps that’s why it’s available on Twitch featuring Pepe the Frog. 

To put it simply, “Poggers” can be used to express a specific emoticon available on Twitch which depicts a surprised-looking Pepe the Frog. 

Poggers, in its present Twitch-based incarnation, is a product of the internet.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: there’s no one official, Oxford English Dictionary definition and no one unified standard of usage.

The term “Poggers” is associated with a sort of family of words that includes “PogChamp” and “MonkaS.” All three of these originate from BetterTTV Emotes used on Twitch.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Twitch is a website where people can live stream from their computers. Essentially someone broadcasts their computer screen and a bunch of viewers can enjoy the game and stream it live. This was a way for players to get more followers while gaming but nowadays, its uses have spread to writing, music, and other sorts of general broadcasts.

More often than not, the primary focus of Twitching is gaming and this is where Poggers and its meaning comes into play. 

It is also used in chat rooms. 

In addition to streaming video there is always a chatroom where people can exchange messages, and here is where the Emotes come into what Poggers mean. 

Emotes are basically just emojis multiplied by a million. While emojis are limited, you can in fact, download as many Emotes as you like to spice up your chat text to color things up.

Emotes like the Pogger are tiny images that can often develop a community, a sense of personality, or simply liven up the discussion.

Pepe the Frog making a goofy, surprised face is an OG Emote and is used to communicate surprise when someone does something extremely awesome in the gaming stream.

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