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Top web series available on YouTube You Can Binge-Watch now

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Top web series available on YouTube You Can Binge-Watch now

While we all love to binge-watch new movies and television shows on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and Netflix, let us not overlook what YouTube offers for its viewers. The best part is that you can watch top web series available on YouTube for free. In case you are confused about what to watch from such a huge list, read below to find out the top web series available on YouTube.

Kota Factory

Kota factory is not just an ordinary web series but the first Indian black-and-white web series. The story is about a young and talented IT aspirant, Vaibhav and his life in Kota. Jeetu Bhaiya role is played by Jitendra Kumar who is an influential teacher in Vaibhav’s IT institute. The show has been detected by Saurabh Khanna and emphasises the struggles of young minds going through the struggles at coaching centres.

Though, the show will also take you through many cherishable moments celebrated by students when they fall in love and make new friends.

What the Folks

This is one of the top web series available on YouTube and is based very differently from the typical saas-bahu serials in television shows where one or the other family member tries to plan and plot against the other. ‘What the Folks’ is rather like a fresh air which breaks stereotypes and talks about generation gap. The story is about Nikhil who moves with his in-laws. In fact, I would say that the show portrays a realistic approach towards modern families changing dynamics.

Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates is another YouTube web series developed by TVF along with Biswapati Sarkar. The web series features Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh that revolves around Mikesh and Tanya’s long-distance relationship for years. The relationship between them is fine until the day Mikesh decides to move back to India so that he could propose to Tanya. The story comprising Mikesh journey from a long-distance relationship to moving together is one roller-coaster ride you should not miss.

Please Find Attached

This one of the top web series available on YouTube is like a mini-series that reveals tales of sweet nothings which is shared between two people experiencing a lovely bond. The three-episode series with a run-out time of 20 minutes is one kind that can make to stick to YouTube for more.


Soulmates is a 10-episode drama that mainly features a conversation between two characters leading the show. The web series structure is very similar to that of Before Sunrise, not in terms of plat but how the conversation flows. The engaging conversation and the show characters are worth binge-watching this season on YouTube.

Ladies Room

I would define Ladies Room as one of the raunchiest YouTube series. The story revolves around two best friends and how their mental adventures make them do different things in six different bathrooms in a six-episode drama. The show reveals the mental statuses of young modern girlfriends struggling to grow and while they grow up. The girls are bad, mad and unapologetic about whatever they do. What more you can expect to see after seeing a girl taking bolder moves than any man.

Star Boyz

This one of the top web series available on YouTube that stars Naveen Richard, Kenny Sebastian and Mani Prasad. The story is a science fiction comedy series that revolves around 3 South Indian boys. Needless to say, that the boys undergo many hilarious adventures while they travel through a spaceship SS Yemma Watson. After looking at the web series, you may notice that many parts of the series reflect the Star Wars story plot as you may find great visual effects along with punchlines. Do watch Star Boyz when you feel reluctant to invest much energy to decode practicality and want to laugh simply.

Mom & Co

This web series is a 10-episode drama that stars Neelima Azim emphasising the mother-son relationship. The web series explores in a storytelling way how a mother and her son drifts apart over the years and are brought back together through a binding story.


One of the most popular TVF show is Bachelors which revolves around a group of bachelors dealing with different kind of issues such as finding a good job and cooking. Though, with every problem, the boys have some filmy theme associated. Chak de, Bahubali, Dangal and Lagaan are some of the few films that are parodied in this web series of YouTube to provide its viewers with different substance every time. The total of nine-episode filmed for the Bachelors is a must-see for every bachelor.


As we all know that during the graduation ceremony, students are filled with diversified hopes and dreams to attain big in life. However, with their first job, the students encounter series of sharp realities present in the corporate realm which is both rewarding as well as challenging. Piyush in Cubicles is an engineering student whose life changes when he joins an IT company as a young fresher. He experiences many twists and turns in his life such as his first salary, a friend in the office, his first love, his first failure and a successful project along the first-weekend experience. If you have been through all this moment in your life, watch Cubicles available on YouTube to relive your past experiences

Bang Baajaa Baaraat

This web series on YouTube was considered as the biggest high-budget shows earlier available in webspace. The story is all about a couple who belongs to different backgrounds and what they feel when they encounter each other as planned during their wedding. The web series is divided into five episodes.


Adulting is yet another lovable web series on YouTube that is made by DICE Media. The series is about the coming-of-age of two women sharing their home in Mumbai. Just like other YouTube web series, the story is about a coming-to-age story and like its name revolves around women experiencing a transition from youngster to adulthood in a smooth way. This web series has released two seasons so far comprising ten episodes in each season. 

Operation MBBS

As the name suggests, this one of the top web series available on YouTube revolves around three MBBS students appearing for their first-year exams. The series is shot inside a medical college and unlike many other web series depicting engineering student’s nostalgia, Operation MBBS talks about medical students’ dilemmas. The series is all about extreme academic pressure faced by MBBS students featured in a five episodes drama.

Happily Ever After

Happily, Ever After is Naveen Kasturia led web series which is very popular among the actor’s fan club. The story is about a couple when they plan their perfect wedding strategies. Some obstacles faced by the couple includes family, budget and relationship issues that come in between them and their dreams. Though, the couple tries to find alternative ways to get to the other side and shows their experiences in an eight-episode series.

The Reunion

This is yet another one of the top web series available on YouTube which you can watch with your friends and family. The nine-episode series is all about a group of friends who are together even after finishing school many years back. Relationships and dynamics that they used to share in school have changed remarkably over the years but their teenage friendship is still tying them intact.

Girl in the City

Girl in the City is one of the earlier web series of Mithila Palkar. In the show, Mithila’s character moves to Mumbai so that she can achieve her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Though, she is not prepared to face the harsh realities of city life. In a three-season web series, we come across her experiences when she tries to set her own business and deal with some grotesque business competitor beside her confused love life. The entire web series of three seasons has a total of 39 episodes to watch.

Little Things

Although Little Things, as we all know is a Netflix show now, its first season can be watched on YouTube channel. I think that the first season of the entire series is the best as it explores sweet nothings of modern urban life and relationships. The first season has a total number of five episodes that can be watched on YouTube.


This one of the top web series available on YouTube is an original fiction web series that reveals the misadventures of flatmates studying in a university who decide to start a midnight food delivery service. The web series will take you through a roller coaster ride as the three flatmates struggle simultaneously with their student’s life and business. They somehow manage to solve the issues but every time lands into a new trouble.

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