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Las Vegas Scandals that Shocked the Gambling Industry

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Las Vegas Scandals that Shocked the Gambling Industry

Las Vegas Strip is one of the cities in the US which not only offers a wider range of exclusive games in casinos but also has luxurious resorts, shopping zones, food centres, golf courses and much more. This means this place is a paradise for travellers, particularly gamblers due to the availability of a large number of casinos offering different games to bet on. In spite of the city’s many attractions, its scandals are what keep Las Vegas’ name in the minds of many. And, who does not take an interest in learning about the scandals when famous names are involved?

Kane walked away with millions of dollars due to a software glitch

Las Vegas’s biggest scandal featuring a poker game with Kane shocked the netizens the most. John Kane was playing video poker and the system suddenly found a glitch that allowed him to take away millions of dollars in a few moments. Kane was playing Game King when he found a peculiar thing. The game allowed him to replay hands with various base wagers without pouring in more money.

Once he found the glitch, he played for hours spending just one cent. However, when he won the jackpot, he replayed the game with a maximum wager that was just $10. He played for hours until he made a fortune. When found, Kane was arrested but the federal prosecutors could not do much about the case. Kane’s attorney argued that he did nothing to the system and there was no conspiracy even. All Kane did was wining by pushing a few buttons in open.

MIT team created millions of dollars playing blackjack

In many states, counting cards in blackjack is banned. Places, where it has been legalised, are often disliked and the blackjack players are asked to leave the casino. This happened only after the interesting MIT scandalous move. Starting in 1970, the MIT team perfected their card counting strategy and made millions of dollars from Las Vegas casinos. The team consist of ex-students and current students from prestigious universities like Harvard Princeton and MIT.

The team discovered a way through which numbers could always work in their favour if they could track the cards. According to reports, the team was led by Bill Kaplan who is credited with swaying more than ten million dollars under his leadership. He trained many players in the technique and they used it in casinos. However, casinos discovered their trick eventually and started banning Kaplan and his team from playing.

Ben Affleck banned to enter a casino

One of the famous celebrities and an actor, Ben Affleck took gambling seriously and got involved in some serious action. As a result of his cheating in blackjack by counting cards in 2014, Affleck is no longer allowed to enter the Hard Rock Casino. Affleck admitted that he used the technique but he insists that this was the skill he honed rather than learning it from someplace and applying for cheating big.

Prince Harry found in an awkward condition

Prince Harry royalty was all about having fun before getting married to Meghan Markle and having children and thus, he travelled to Las Vegas. According to rumours, the prince and his companions leased a VIP bungalow in 2012 and had a wild time. Though at one point, he was pictured getting drunk at a Wet Republic pool party at the MGM Grand while just wearing a necklace.

Software engineer conspiracy

A software engineer named Ron Harris looked after the anti-cheating software in the Nevada Gaming Control Board when he found something interesting. He decided to include a few lines to the code which could help in winning big. He entered software secretly that paid players when playing coins at a certain sequence. Of course, when you enter a coin in machine in crowds, no one will notice. A coin inserted at a certain sequence led to a jackpot win whenever the machine operated normally.

As a result, Harris rigged more than thirty machines and worked the same with accomplices who helped him walk away with thousands of dollars easily. Though, Harris and his team were caught in 1996 and were sentenced to 7 years in jail.

Vince Neil’s disgusting behaviour

Since 2012, the former lead vocalist of the legendary heavy metal band is not permitted to enter the Las Vegas Palms resort casino. He first opposed the “Little Buddha” eatery. He demonstrated the staff’s harshness and rudeness.  He persisted in his criticism of the establishment and pleaded with followers to stay away. The musician stated that he will not go to this facility.

The restaurant’s management responded that Vince Neal was kicked out due to his repulsive actions and that the debt did not continue to accrue. Additionally, they commented on several posts on the social media site. After that, Vince is prohibited from entering the casino’s property or any of his other businesses.

Louis Cola Vecchio had more than 750 pounds of phoney coins

In yet another famous Las Vegas scandal, the infamous counterfeiter Louis Cola Vecchio was found with fake slot machine coins in his car. He used the fabricated coins in the slot machine to win thousands of real coins from Las Vegas casinos without paying a single penny. He was found guilty in 1997 and sentenced to 27 months in jail for using forged coins. With 750 fake coins, he was arrested in Atlantic City that year and again arrested a few years later in Pawtucket for counterfeiting fake $100 bills.

Casino employee walks away with $500,000 chips and cash

With cameras and security personnel everywhere, a casino employee named William John Brennan walked away with millions of dollars and stolen chips. He was never seen again and seems to disappear. Brennan worked for sports book previously, the now-demolished Stardust hotel in Las Vegas. In 1992, he managed to steal $500,000 worth of chips and cash from the Casino which he was assigned to count following Monday Night Football broadcast. There were no cameras installed in the place from where Brennan exited and since then, his case remains unresolved.

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