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Katy Mixon: A Quick Biography, Childhood, Acting, And Funny Quotes!

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Katy Mixon

Katy Mixon: A Quick Biography, Childhood, Acting, And Funny Quotes! 

American actress Katy Mixon (born Katy Elizabeth Mixon) is best known for her role as April Buchanon in the HBO series Eastbound & Down and Victoria Flynn in the series Mike & Molly, after which she took on the lead role in the sitcom American Housewife.

9 Katy Mixon Facts To Read If You Love Her!  

1. Who is Katy Mixon?

Katy Mixon spent six years acting as Melissa McCarthy’s partying and wild Sister, Victoria, in Mike and Molly before landing the starring role in the new ABC series American Housewife. The now 40-year-old Pensacola, Florida native played Katie Otto, whose imperfect family moves to wealthy Westport, Connecticut, for schools, but turns out to disagree with the city’s perfect moms and kids. 

2. Early Life:

Even though she currently lives in California, USA, comedian Katy Mixon was in Pensacola, Florida, USA. (See our Quotes section where she quips about her upbringing and accent). 

The actress came into this world on March 30, 1981 and became one of the 7 siblings in her family. 

The actress was educated at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh before joining the Utah Shakespearean Festival ensemble, with which she won the 2000 Regional Theater Tony Award. 

3. She Shifted From Mike and Molly To American Housewife In 4 Days:

“I found out the show Mike and Molly was going to be done in October. I’d been doing that for six years and couldn’t be more grateful for that time in my life. I just adored every moment, but I was so ready to step into a new situation. I finished that on January 29th and four days later, I walked into the American Housewife’s room”. 

4. Full Career:

In 2003 she moved to Los Angeles and made her first appearance on camera in the feature film The Quiet in 2005. 

In 2005, she also starred in the premiere of the interactive theater play of the Americas at Edgefest Los Angeles. It has been featured in the Vertical Cabaret series.

In 2008 she starred in the films My Sweetheart, Our Family and I, Finding Amanda and in an episode of the series My Name Is Earl. 

Once her breakthrough with her leading role in the television series Eastbound & Down was over, Mixon starred alongside Billy Bob Thornton and Winona Ryder for The Informers, alongside Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck in the theatrical adaptation of the miniseries State of Play and with Sandra Bullock for Crazy About Steve on camera. 

Between 2009 and 2010, the comedic actress also booked a gig in three episodes of Two and a Half Men in the role of Betsy. From 2010 to 2016 she played the role of Victoria Flynn in the CBS comedy series Mike & Molly. 

For 6 seasons on the Mark Roberts sitcom, Katy collaborated on other comedic projects such as Robot Chicken and Psych. 

In 2016, Mixon began to star in the comedy series American Housewife, a project in which she participated until May of this year and where she played Katie Otto. She has received several positive reviews for her role and was also included in People magazine’s list of characters to watch.

Katy is married to former athlete Breaux Greer, with whom she has two children: Kingston, born in 2017, and Elektra, whom she gave birth to in 2018.

5. Two Katies:

Katy and Katie are different in most senses, and the actress agreed by saying: “I just rock and roll in a different way. I am not a person who is easily offended and has problems with people. What I really liked about playing Katie Otto is that I adore her in the sense that she tries to be better. She is not afraid and is a firecracker. She says it all and does it all and then she apologizes, and tomorrow is a new day. It is quite different from what I am”.

When the series started, it looked like it was going to be about Katie’s weight. Since then it has become more than that.

The actress said: “I knew going into that, yeah, it was about his weight, because she really is bigger than anyone else. Everyone else is really amazing, like 5 feet 2 inches and they exercise all the time. That’s not Katie Otto’s jam. That is not what it is about. It was an incredible situation because I really believed in it and knew it was going to evolve”. 

6. Marriage and Being A Mom:

The American actress is married to her longtime boyfriend Breaux Greer, which was great because they were dating since 2013 and finally decided to tie the knot. 

Katy Mixon is also a mom as she is blessed with two children (Kingston Saint Greer who was  born on May 19, 2017) and she gave birth to her daughter (Elektra Saint Greer on May 16, 2018). 

Katy Mixon was in a relationship with Bobby Dean from 2010 to 2013 but she soon met the athlete Breaux Greer. 

7. Katy Mixon Television Series:

  • 2004: Then Comes Marriage
  • 2007: Reinventing the Wheelers
  • 2008: My Name is Earl
  • 2009 to 2013: Two and a Half Men, Eastbound & Down
  • 2010 to 2016: Mike & Molly
  • 2016-Present: American Housewife

8. Katy Mixon Movies:

  • 2005: The Quiet
  • 2006: Zombie Prom, Blind Dating
  • 2008: Finding Amanda, Four Christmases
  • 2009: The Informers, State of Play, All About Steve
  • 2011: Take Shelter, Drive Angry
  • 2012: A little Something on the Side
  • 2015: Soul Ties, Minions(Voice)
  • 2016: Hell or High Water

9. Katy Mixon Quotes:

  • Eastbound & Down (2009) is giving you a rhythm. It’s just a whole different vibe with improv. As an actor, I just kind of exercise within my environment and adjust, depending on where I’m at.
  • A lot of people don’t know that my background is completely classical. For a while there, I was all about Molière and the Greeks and Brecht and Tennessee Williams.
  • You can’t do William Shakespeare with a Southern accent, honey.
  • I’m loving “We Are Young” by Fun. Really gets the morning rockin’ to a great start.
  • My very first acting job ever, the first time I got paid to be an actress, was in 2001, right between my sophomore and junior years in college, when I was just 19 years old. I got paid $250 every two weeks, ten shows a week, to be in the Utah Shakespearean Festival. I was Calpurnia in “Julius Caesar”.
  • Pensacola isn’t Florida, really. It’s the Panhandle. It’s right up there near Alabama and Louisiana. It’s, like, a stroll away from New Orleans. I feel like New Orleans is home.

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