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Andrew Kaczynski: Who is This Famous Journalist and What Happened to His Daughter?

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Andrew Kaczynski

Andrew Kaczynski is a famous young political journalist for CNN. He is one of the most prominent young journalists on CNN’s roster today. He tragically lost his daughter recently. Let’s find out more about this young and talented journalist.

Andrew Kaczynski: Things to Know

How did Andrew Kaczynski start his career?

Andrew Kaczynski started his journalistic career with Buzzfeed. He started his career in 2011 after finishing college. He rose to fame because of his stellar work in exposing hypocritical statements made by politicians. Andrew and his team became famous for uncovering hypocritical statements from politicians. One of his most popular pieces was an article he co-authored with McDermott in 2016, showing that Donald Trump had voiced his support for the Iraq war in an interview with Howard Stern in 2002, despite Trump’s insistence years after that he was against. In 2013, Andrew also wrote an article that revealed that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had made speeches that seemed plagiarized from Wikipedia.

What is Andrew Kaczynski’s profile at CNN?

Andrew Kaczynski currently works for CNN as a senior editor. After working for Buzzfeed, CNN hired Andrew Kaczynski joined the news giant in October 2016. He is famous for his show, KFile, which works as a leading research team for the social and mobile generation. This was made possible because Andrew Kaczynski didn’t just move to CNN from Buzzfeed alone. His entire political team of Kyle Blaine, Nate McDermott, and Christopher Massie also jumped from Buzzfeed to CNN alongside Kaczynski in 2016.

Did Andrew Kaczynski make some politicians resign?

Several Trump administration officials resigned due to an investigation Andrew Kaczynski had uncovered. Andrew’s journalism had a great impact. Andrew Kaczynski and his KFile team spotted former Trump administration chief appointee Carl Higbie making “racist, sexist, anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT comments” for a CNN piece in 2018. This led to his resignation. Other Trump officials such as Jamie Johnson, Christine Bauserman, William Bradford and Todd Johnson – also resigned after Andrew and his team “investigated” them, according to The Washington Post. However, he has shown a clear left wing bias in his reporting and “investigation” so far and never done any segments on any Democrat politicians. So just like almost every journalist today, Andrew Kaczynski is more agenda driven than journalism driven.

Is Andrew Kaczynski very active on Twitter?

Yes, like any successful young journalist of today, Andrew Kaczynski’s Twitter is also very famous. Andrew’s Twitter page has been featured on the Hour Magazine, Daily Beast, and New York Magazine lists between 2013-2014. He has over 392,000 followers right now.

Did Andrew Kaczynski make a Forbes list?

Yes, the famous CNN reporter made the coveted Forbes list of “30 under 30” in the Media category for 2018.

How did Andrew Kaczynski’s daughter die?

Andrew Kaczynski, 31, tragically lost his nine-month-old daughter, Frances, on Christmas Eve after battling cancer. Speaking about her demise on Instagram, he said “It is with great regret that we have to tell you that Francesca passed away last night in the arms of her mom and dad. We just published her obituary ”. The Christmas Day post featured a lot of photos of Andrew with his baby in the hospital. Andrew Kaczynski’s had his only daughter with Wall Street Journal financial reporter Rachel Louise Ensign .

Frances passed away because of complications arising from ATRT, which is a rare and aggressive brain tumor typically seen in children under the age of 3. Andrew’s page linked to his daughter’s obituary that will benefit pediatric oncology and pediatric cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Before passing away, Andrew Kaczynski claimed that his “Beans” was a “Brooklyn-based Sesame Street fanatic” who “enjoyed taking long walks around New York City and Boston, playing with her toys and balloons, while undergoing intense chemotherapy.

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