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6G Networks –Predictions by 2030!!!

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World With 6G

Is 6G Technology going to make smartphones Obsolete? A big question and a new Buzz all around.

6G a successor of fifth Generation Networks commonly known as 5G .With evolution of technology we have seen a revolution in telecom field in terms of data in last decades. Starting from few kbps technology is now evolved to Gbps , with HD movies getting downloaded in a click .Video calls  , online gaming etc are few more applications which are more user friendly and easily accessible but now the world is talking about connected devices all around.

Can any one imagine how can we describe  a Minute on the internet ?

404,444 hours of video streaming , more than 3000 app installation , 500 Hrs of videos getting uploaded , 41.7m Message shared , 350000 stories shared on Instagram. Isn’t it Big , very big. But all this is past and now world is moving towards lightning fast , that is ; Sixth Generation (6G) and this is definitely going to change our lives.

How 6G is going to change the world ?

6G is going to enable a world where the  digital  and real is going to coexists seamlessly.

A common scenario in a 6G World would be like this ; you get to go to office in an autonomous car that is interacting with other connected vehicles and a centralized server that has data related to traffic light on your route. With pre analyzed and automated data, your vehicle will automatically speeds up or slows down ensuring you never hit a single traffic light on your way to work.

Second instance At the office, you meet colleagues from overseas but they are not really there yet their holographic projections are accurate to the last detail and their realistic virtual presence adds more value to the meeting , giving additional benefits of saving cost by saving travel expenses.

Now comes highly modified smart eyeglasses. At lunch, you just glance at a restaurant, and within seconds you receive a digital projection of complete menu on your smart eyeglasses. You have the authority to scan and decide whether to choose it or skip it.

When it comes to your dream house and technically they say it “smart homes”. Imagine you unlock the doors with a gesture of your hand. During lazy weekends you can escape into a multi-sensory experience where you play games or travel to distant places or  meet your besties in a virtual setting. Isnt it Exciting?

One more shocking fact related to the technology that it would not really need an interface because the human user herself becomes the interface.

Even though the technology is in its early stages but World Economic Forum (WEF) 2022  has already set a stage and buzz is all around that 6G mobile networks could make smartphones redundant and Obsolete.

Discrete devices is going to carry out the complete show and it could be in many forms of wearables like watches , earbuds, glasses or devices embedded in our clothing. Moreover , even skin patches and bio-implants that quite literally read our minds.

Surprisingly , A different kind of more advanced  and updated connectivity will be in use where the smart device can be platformed  and in synch by using microphones /sensors/cameras which are going to detect and respond to a person’s emotions. Shocking for many of us , as it seems beyond imaginations.

The digital assistant  which is currently working in form of google assistant or Alexa would be further integrated and will be able to provide the results in  form  of an intuitive understanding of their human and be able to recognize a person’s mood through gesture  and facial recognitions , this digital transformation will be able to detect stress levels, and effectively recommend suggestions as well.

World giant telecom gear manufacture company Nokia’s CEO Lundmark’s forecasted, therefore, is not unthinkable.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink is already a step ahead of making brain-machine interfaces via chips embedded in the body.

Few months back , a macaque who was playing “mind pong” showed the capability and predictions of future through  these implants. Both sides of animals Brain (Left and Right) were implanted with the chips and it was also trained to use a joystick to play the game, additionally  during the study, the joystick was disconnected. Yet the macaque played on simply by thinking of which way it wants to move the paddle.

Lightning-fast speeds and low latency were the basic features of 5th Generation and same are carried forward  to 6th generation wireless connectivity that are crucial for the cyber-physical continuum world of the future.

Human-centric mobile communications will still be the most important application of 6G and AI is included in many of these predictions. Thus, high security, secrecy and privacy should be key features of 6G apart from above mentioned and should be given particular attention by the wireless research community.

Technical Glitches :

With some Technical references Frequencies from 100 GHz to 3 THz are possible bands for the next generation of wireless communication systems because of the wide range  of unused and unexploited spectrums. One of the biggest challenges in supporting the required high transmission speeds will be the limitation of power/energy consumption and associated heat development in the electronic circuits to acceptable proportions.

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