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Becki Tilley Falwell: Did Jerry Falwell’s Wife Have a Scandalous Affair?

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Becki Tilley Falwell

Becki Tilley Falwell is the wife of famous conservative figure Jerry Falwell. The couple was a beacon for piety and Christian values for many years until their facade came crashing down when the embarrassing sex scandal with the pool boy was exposed. Jerry Falwell helped Donald Trump win the favor of Christians evangelicals in the 2016 primaries. However, the hall of piety and values came crashing down when his wife Becki Tilley Falwell’s scandalous affair with her pool boy was unearthed. What’s worse, Jerry Falwell apparently “liked to watch” as his wife indulged in sexual activities with the pool boy. Let’s find out more about this ridiculous sex scandal.

Becki Tilley Falwell: Her Scandalous Affair With Her Pool Boy

What did Jerry Falwell do after Becki Tilley Falwell’s sex scandal was exposed?

After a tug of war with the board of directors of the academic institution, Falwell, 58 resigned, after a sex scandal was known in which his wife, 53 years old, and a young man in his twenties, this behavior was contrary to the ultra-conservative values ​​that he theoretically defends.

Falwell, described by Reuters as “one of the most influential figures in the American conservative Christian movement,” publicly showed his support in the 2016 campaign for current President  Donald Trump, with whom he maintained a close relationship and was key to the tycoon it will win the favor of the white evangelical sector, a group of voters that is among the grassroots of the Republican Party.

Despite his public profile, the former president of Liberty University and son of the institution’s founder – the Reverend Jerry Falwell – followed a very different code of behavior from the one he preached at his conservative university. The scandal that has ended his career in charge of the center was uncovered last Saturday, when Falwell confessed to the Washington Post that his wife, Becki Falwell, had had an affair with a young man (without specifying who) and that he tried to blackmail her. The man Falwell was referring to turned out to be Giancarlo Granda. He later revealed that Becki Tilley’s affair with him wasn’t a secret and Jerry Falwell also participated in it. He used to watch as Granda and Becki Tilley indulge in sexual activities, basically the role of a “cuck”.

How did Becki Tilley’s affair with Giancarlo Granda start?

Giancarlo was 20 years old. One day in March 2012, he was doing his shift as a pool boy at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami. He was talking to some girls his age when a mature woman approached him flirting. “These girls don’t know what to do, you need someone with more experience.”

That woman was Becki Tilley Falwell, Jerry Falwell’s wife, mother of three, and a very prominent voice on the conservative scene. He suggested that she accept the invitation to go to her room. He expressed doubts. And the husband? “My husband likes to watch,” she said. And Jerry appeared, with his Speedo swimsuit, the kind of swimmer, well adjusted in the crotch.

That day was the first that he saw Becki and the first of a sexual relationship that lasted the next seven years.

Was Becki Tilley’s affair a financial one as well?

Granda also had a financial relationship with the couple, which ended up generating disagreements with the couple and caused the relationship to cool down. Falwell had acquired a hotel in Miami Beach in 2013 and offered a portion of the property to Granda, who would act as the property’s manager. Now the young man wanted to disassociate himself from the couple and tried to reach an agreement on the business, while Falwell accused him of trying to extort money from them.

“Since you want to ruin my life, I am going to take the kamikaze path,” wrote Granda in one of the text messages she contributes. “It is a real shame because I wanted to reach a peaceful agreement and just move on with our lives, but if what you want is conflict, then you will have it,” he added. 

Did Jerry Falwell resign because of Becki Tilley Falwell’s affair?

After the embarrassing scandal became public news, Jerry Falwell was forced to resign as president of Liberty University, the same day that Granda published a statement accusing him and his wife of being “predators.”

How is the relationship between Becki Tilley’s husband and Donald Trump?

Jerry Falwell, a staunch supporter of  Donald Trump, was also linked to Michael Cohen, the president’s former personal attorney. Several years ago the lawyer intervened in favor of Falwell when he suffered blackmail, in which they threatened to circulate images of him in which he appeared in a jacuzzi with his wife and a boy. The alleged extortionist was not revealed at the time, but this week Cohen confessed to the Washington Post that he had been in contact with Granda’s attorney. 

In exchange for this favor, Cohen asked the Falwells to use their influence among evangelicals to support  Trump in his 2016 campaign and thus win the favor of the ultraconservatives. In this way, the now US president, married three times, ended up speaking at a rally at the ultra-conservative Liberty University, a week before the Iowa primaries.

Have Becki Tilley and Jerry Falwell been involved in other controversies as well?

The controversy with Granda is not the first that Falwell faces. He was already known for his racist comments, such as the one he made after the 2015 San Bernardino, California, mass shooting when he argued in a meeting with campus students that if more people had permits to carry concealed weapons, this could be prevented. type of attacks. “We could kill all those Muslims before they come and kill us,” he said. 

His exit from the university presidency began to be forged by a scandal with a photograph on Instagram, which caused the Liberty board to ask for his indefinite leave of absence at the beginning of the month. In the image, Falwell can be seen holding a woman much younger than him by the waist, both with their pants unbuttoned, and holding a glass of a liquid that he referred to as “black water.” A publication that the curator described on local radio as “a well-intentioned joke.”

How did the evangelical community react to Jerry Falwell’s departure?

Jerry Falwell was forced to resign as the President of Liberty University after his wife Becki Tilley’s affair with a pool boy was exposed. The event brought relief to the evangelical educational community, which finally witnessed the end of the constant controversies related to Falwell. Everyone was waiting for this. The sentiment is shared by the founders of Save 71, a group of alumni known for months calling for Falwell’s removal. Something that they have finally achieved, although the former president will leave with compensation of 10.5 billion dollars due to a clause in his contract since he leaves the institution without having been formally accused or admitting to having committed a crime. His image, along with his wife’s Becki Tilley’s will be tarnished forever though. 

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