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Kieran Tierney: The Superstar Of Scottish Football

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Kieran Tierney: The Superstar Of Scottish Football

Kieran Tierney is a Scottish football legend in the making. The 25 year old rose to prominence at a very young age and was awarded the captain’s armband for the Glasgow Celtic FC at just 21 years of age. In a sport as competitive as football, Kieran Tierney’s rise to the very top of it has been nothing short of miraculous. In this post, we will find out more about him. Let’s get started.

Kieran Tierney: All You Need to Know

When was Kieran Tierney born?

He was born on June 5, 1997, in Douglas, Isle of Man, located between Ireland and Great Britain. He was not yet a year old when his parents moved to live in Scotland. Over there, Kieran Tierney grew up as a fan of Glasgow Celtic FC, entering the club’s academy in 2005.

How did Kieran Tierney start his football career?

Work and perseverance led him to a debut with the dream club of his life on April 22, 2015, while he was not yet 18. In that game, against Dundee FC, Tierney barely played 9 minutes. It would be a couple of weeks later when he would play his first starting match, against St. Johnstone, already with the Premiership sentenced. In that season he had barely played two official games but he trained regularly with the first team and it was seen as leagues away that he would end up being an important piece in the plans of Ronny Deila, the Celtic coach.

The 2015-2016 season was when he truly arrived on the scene. He began that season as a substitute for Honduran Emilio Izaguirre but it would not take long for Tierney to take the position permanently from him. By the end of 2015, Kieran Tierney was already established as a regular starter, completing 33 official matches that season, scoring one goal, and dishing out nine assists. From then on he did not stop growing, appearances in the Champions League, several years as the best young player in the Scottish Premiership, titles, captaincy, Tierney achieved just about everything he could with the team. Along the way, he made his senior national team debut for Scotland on March 29, 2016.

What is Kieran Tierney’s playstyle?

Kieran Tierney is not a typical left back. His understanding of both the offensive and defensive aspects makes him a very complete winger. In addition to this, his functionality on the pitch is adaptable depending on the context that his coach requires. Brendan Rodgers arrived at Celtic in 2016 and has been a key contributor to Tierney’s growth.

Rodgers has always chosen to give practically the entire left wing to Kieran Tierney, who responded with great enthusiasm and with performances of considerable constancy. Rodgers, now at Leicester, opted for various systems at Celtic. He tried out a “four” defense as well as a defense with three center backs and two wingers in a sort of 3-4-3. Whatever the scheme, Tierney always delivered thanks to his characteristics as a player.

Intelligence, hierarchy and sacrifice

Three great characteristics stand out in the analysis of how Kieran Tierney plays. He is a very smart player. He knows how to choose his attacks perfectly and never neglects defense. His predisposition to his work, along with his speed and ability to control the rhythm of the game, make him different from his rivals. Offensively, he has a good game association, driving it and even the ability to dribble one on one. In addition, he is a player who reads the spaces very well adding his capacity as a prolific assist maker, hovering at around 40 assists in his short professional career.

In defense, he has practically everything. His ability to sacrifice makes him a player who runs the field tirelessly. It is difficult for opposing players to go one on one, even more so because he is an excellent tackle player. He doesn’t miss the mark and knows what space to cover on defense when it’s called for. If you add to this his leadership, hierarchy and ability to rearm in difficult moments, they make him a player to keep in mind.

How is Kieran Tierney’s Player of The Nation card on FIFA?

Scotland’s Player of Nation SBC includes three special cards. Each of these is available in a separate Squad Building Challenge, and if you complete all of them, you’ll receive a Top Gold Players Pack. But it is not necessary to get all three cards, you can simply spend coins and a half on the players that you find interesting. So now we will talk about Kieran Tierney, left back in the Premier League.

Kierney Tierney Player of Nation Analysis

We are facing a side with a clear offensive vocation, but who is not out of place in defense either. The 95 general rhythm is very positive because he will reach perfection if we apply Anchor. It would be a good idea to use it since it improves the natural 85 strength by ten points. As he is not weak in height either, he will be a forceful defender in close combat. Someone who can grapple with tall strikers without being overpowered.

His defensive stats aren’t amazing: 86 interceptions, 87 intelligence, 88 steals, and 88 tackles. We’ve seen other players with better numbers in other TOTS packs, though the chemistry style will see most of them bordering on 99. So he’ll be pretty reliable one-on-one, and won’t be too out of place defending triangles. Although it is not the safest card behind, it is up to the current moment of the season. We will not feel fragile.

What sets Player for Nation Tierney apart from other full-backs is his ability to be dangerous in attack. It is a pity that he does not exceed three stars in skills or bad leg. It would be much more useful if he could do moves like the kibble. But he’s still a valuable resource when he comes on the wing, because his dribbling and passing stats are worthy of a Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM). None of his in-game dribbling stats drop below 91, his vision hits 90 and his short pass hits 91.

As his work rate is high/high and he reaches 95 stamina, Kieran is always ready to participate in the plays. And he has the stamina to withstand the physical wear and tear of climbing him. It is an interesting card if, due to our style of play, we need the side to be constantly running. He has the ability to be important on both sides of the field.

His only offensive weak point, next to the stars, is that the completion is very low (66). He’s not a player who will score frequently if he gets into shooting situations. He’s a pretty minor aspect to his role, but in certain builds he can still come in handy from time to time. Although at least he will hit very clear positions due to the perfect shot power, in addition to the fact that his 84 in positioning allows him to make good runs.

In short, Kieran Tierney Player for Nation is a full-back who performs well on both sides of the pitch. He is not one of the safest bets in FIFA 21, his defensive stats could be higher and there are more forceful alternatives in defense, which have a larger wingspan. Besides that, he would be even more useful on the opposite field if he didn’t just have three star skills and bad leg. But it is still a competitive and interesting card if you need a dangerous player when he comes up and who knows how to stand up to any striker when he defends. He is not perfect, but he is complete and great for level templates.

Should you get Kieran Tierney Player Of the Nation?

It depends on your budget and how you use your full-backs in attack. It’s a bit expensive for the current era of Ultimate Team, because there are really good low-priced cards coming out right now. But it is also true that he plays in the Premier League, a competition in which most of his players cost more than they should.

If your left winger rarely goes up and his importance up top is small, it’s clearly not worth doing Tierney’s Player of Nation SBC. Because Chilwell Festival of FUTball and Luke Shaw TOTS are transferable, much cheaper and work similarly back. So, if the offense level is not very important, this Squad Building Challenge is not interesting.

We only advise spending coins and socks on Kieran Tierney if you already have a great team and, in your style of play, the wingers on the left side are key. If you are going to use him up constantly and you need a card that is very skillful when advancing on the band, and that can also do it during the ninety minutes. If your way of attacking requires outstanding dribbling, assisting and stamina; then it is an expensive but logical signing. It would be a good idea to leave our coins and socks in it if you are building at the end of the season. But only in case, his role in the attack is very important.

So Tierney Player of Nation is a competitive card, albeit with a hefty price tag. That’s why we don’t recommend it if you don’t care too much how your winger works when he goes up. You are much better off signing Shaw TOTS or Chilwell Festival of FUTball. Its high cost would only be worth paying if you already have a great team and plan to use it for constant attacking. Because as an offensive winger, Kieran Tierney is one of the best in the Premier League.

Recommended Chemistry Styles


His pace reaches perfection, strength goes up ten points, and defensive stats reach an outstanding level. He has 91 interceptions, 92 intelligence, 98 steals and 98 tackles ratings.


Valid alternative if you try it with Anchor and you suffer too much from rival triangles. If you don’t feel confident cutting passes, you can use this chemistry to get the interception up an extra five points. But it loses solidity in one on one because it does not receive the strength boost.

Will Kieran Tierney stay with Arsenal in the long run?

The notable presence of Kieran Tierney (25 years old) at Arsenal, a squad that has been left at the gates of the Champions League, does not go unnoticed. Hence, in theory, he may be destined to play the next part of his career somewhere else.

For now, his contract with Arsenal runs till 2026. The left-back joined the Gunners in the summer of 2019 from Celtic and will now be assured that he will continue to progress in the Premier League. He is a critical player for his coach Mikel Arteta. Of course, it should be noted that the left-back has also appeared on Spanish giants Real Madrid’s radar. That is why, despite the unwavering stance of the gunners, he is running as a future addition to Los Blancos.

Aside from serious interest from the Spanish giants, a lot of English clubs are also eyeing Kieran Tierney. The rich and successful Manchester City have expressed interest in signing the Arsenal star. Despite dominating the Barclays Premier League for almost a decade now, Manchester City has always managed to fumble during the Champion’s League.

What’s more, the Sky Blues want to do the unspeakable in order to strengthen that patch of grass (the left lane). The transfer market price of the Arsenal footballer is estimated to be 32 million euros. In short, a clash of interests between Real Madrid and City for Kieran Tierney.

In the last season, Kieran Tierney played 27 games in domestic competition and scored 1 goal. He also appeared in both the Europa League and the national cups. He was a player who had some continuity despite the fact that he suffered several injuries and that Arsenal’s campaign has not been entirely satisfactory.

Upon Tierney signing the long term contract with Arsenal, coach Mikel Arteta was quite pleased. He said: “This is great news for us today. As the manager of the club, speaking on behalf of the coaching staff and all the staff, KT is a pleasure to work with. His quality, energy, commitment and professionalism, not only on match days but every day in training, are always at a very high level. KT gives us a lot of extra strength both defensively and offensively and it’s great to know that he’ll be with us for the long haul. Since he moved from Celtic, his work ethic and quality have ensured that he is already one of the most exciting players in the Premier League and a very important part of our team, both on and off the pitch.”

Will Kieran Tierney play for Arsenal in the future or go elsewhere? Only time will tell the answer to that. However, one thing is certain, this Scottish superstar is going to dazzle the footballing world for many years to come, regardless of which club he plays for. Jerseys change, class is permanent.

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